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pediatric scrubs: Nurse wearing scrubs and an eye shield against a white background
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Pediatric Scrubs: How to Find a Set You (and the Kids) Love

If you’re a healthcare worker who spends your days hanging out with pint-sized patients, you probably have a pretty fun time. Working in pediatrics takes the perfect blend... Read More

best scrubs for curvy women: Woman wearing scrubs
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The Best Scrubs For Curvy Women: A Shopper’s Guide

When it comes to finding the best scrubs for curvy women, it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming challenge (especially when shopping online). You may feel like you... Read More

three nurses wearing scrub caps
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Scrub Cap 101: How To Find the Best Scrub Caps

While scrub caps are a common sight in the medical profession, you might be surprised to learn that these uniform essentials were traditionally worn to promote Read More

lab coats for women: doctor wearing a lab coat
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Lab Coats for Women: Your Pro Shopping Guide

As a medical professional who works long shifts in the hospital, it’s hardly uncommon to be sweating one minute during a code and freezing the next as you sit down... Read More

shoes for nurses: nurse wearing athletic shoes
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Shoes For Nurses: Finding the Best Footwear for the Job

The importance of footwear for healthcare professionals cannot be understated. As a nurse, you’re on your feet for 12-hour shifts and can’t be held back by aching feet or low... Read More

scrub sets: nurse wearing a Keswi scrub suit
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Ultimate Guide to Scrub Sets: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Nothing looks sharper than a fresh scrub set perfectly matched from top to bottom. All great scrub sets start out this way, but over time they end up in a... Read More

Keswi scrub pants for women close up
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Scrub Pants for Women: 4 Top Buying Tips

Scrub pants are an essential uniform item for most healthcare workers, although they sometimes feel like both a blessing and a curse. “Oh look, you’re practically wearing pajamas or yoga... Read More

best scrubs: nurse wearing Keswi scrubs
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How To Find the Best Scrubs When Shopping Online

When you’re scouring the internet looking for the best scrubs, it can feel like a daunting task with so many scrub brands out there. But when you know what to... Read More

long sleeve scrubs: nurse holding a CT scan result
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Long Sleeve Scrubs: What To Consider When You Shop

Having long sleeves as part of your nursing uniform is not a new concept. Wearing a long sleeved shirt under your scrubs (hello, underscrub!) is extremely common in healthcare. With... Read More

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