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How To Find the Best Scrubs When Shopping Online

best scrubs: nurse wearing Keswi scrubs

When you’re scouring the internet looking for the best scrubs, it can feel like a daunting task with so many scrub brands out there. But when you know what to look for, shopping for your next pair of scrubs can be easier than ordering your next latte.

Use this guide to uncover which features the best scrubs have in common and what to keep an eye out for while shopping. From fabric and fit to color and pockets (you can’t forget those!), you’ll have a checklist for picking out your work wardrobe like the pro that you are. 

Hone In on Multifunctional Materials

No matter what type of garment you’re talking about, the best of anything starts with great materials. Healthcare scrubs in particular need to have a few key elements to ensure they’re durable, comfy, and easy to care for. 

Polyester is a common material used in quality scrubs because it’s durable and wrinkle-resistant. This means your nursing scrubs are likely to last wash after wash without getting wickedly wrinkled even if you leave them in the dryer overnight. 

Polyester is also a fantastic fabric for moisture-wicking to keep you cool on those short-staffed days. Rayon is another must-have material for comfortable scrubs due to its lightweight feel and breathability. And as a healthcare worker, you know feeling like you’re wearing a heavy smock while changing bed linen is anything but comfortable.

Arguably, the most valuable fabric when it comes to function and comfort is spandex. Known for its exceptional elasticity, spandex allows your scrubs to move with you, preventing you from feeling restricted when you’re passing meds or assisting with a bed bath. Another reason you gotta love spandex? It’s stretchy but returns to its original shape, adding to the durability factor.

Make sure you look at the label to see what the scrubs are made of, especially when looking online when you can’t touch or try them on. By identifying the materials, you can make an educated decision as to how those scrubs will feel, wear, and wash. 

Keswi premium scrubs are made from a combination of multifunctional materials, including polyester, rayon, and spandex. And with a micro-peached finish, you’ll have the softest scrubs around that combine comfort, function, and style. 

Don’t Settle for One Size Fits All 

Move over unisex scrubs – when it comes to choosing your medical uniform, sizing is a vital part of the equation. There’s no reason to feel like you’re wearing a tent or like you’re about to trip over your scrub pants at any moment. 

You want to find the right size for your body type, height, and preference. Look for scrubs that have a wide variety of sizes from petite to plus size so you can be confident you’ll have the most comfortable and flattering fit. 

Keswi understands that there’s no such thing as one size fits all. That’s why Keswi scrubs come in XS-3X for women, as well as regular and petite lengths in pants. Meanwhile, men’s scrubs come in S-3X.

If you know you love wearing an underscrub underneath your scrub top, make sure the top you pick gives you enough room. Many tops provide enough room without having to size up, but if you choose fitted scrubs, keep in mind that you’ll have less room for an underscrub. 

The same concept applies if you have to wear a lab coat or prefer a scrub jacket over your scrubs. Make sure you’re not purchasing a size too big, which could lead to bunching sleeves or a bulky waist. In any case, finding the proper size is key so you don’t feel like you’re wearing an uninspiring generic uniform every day.

Find Your Color

Chances are you know what colors look good on you and what colors make you feel most comfortable. You can’t go wrong with solid color scrubs, especially classic black. As with regular black-colored clothes, black scrubs match nearly everything (including solid and print scrubs). As such, having at least one black scrub set is a classic item to have in your closet. 

Navy, wine, and grey also look great and flatter all body types. (And it just so happens that Kewsi has scrubs in all these hues.) But don’t discount other different colors like teal. According to Elle Decor, this lovely blue-green shade creates a calming effect, which can’t be a bad thing with impatient patients. 

You can snazz up your medical uniform with print scrubs too. With tons of patterns and styles available, you can showcase your favorite holiday pattern or rock a fun color block scrub top like this two-tone UA Butter Soft version. 

Don’t Forget Pockets

best scrubs: Keswi scrub pants close up

As a medical professional, you like things in a particular way – whether that’s the supply room, the patient’s room, IV lines, or your whiteboards. Pockets on scrub sets are no different. We’d even argue that pockets are the main reason healthcare workers even wear scrubs!

Many of the best scrubs have patch pockets – meaning the pocket is sewn over the existing garment. Patch pockets are great because they add structure to the pocket and add an extra layer between you and whatever you may have in that little compartment.

You may prefer a couple of large pockets to store your stethoscope, pens, and cell phone all in one place. Maybe you like having several smaller pockets to keep things separate. There’s no wrong answer to pockets, you just have to find what works for you. 

You also want to figure out if you like your pockets on your scrub top, scrub pants, or both. Pants with cargo pockets can provide tons of storage space without looking bulky. Keswi has a single-chest pocket V-neck top that pairs nicely with our multi-pocket scrub pant. Many of our tops also have pen dividers and zippered pockets on the sleeve for organized and secure storage.

Pairing a single pocket top with Keswi’s multiple pocket pants – like the Livia pant – will complete your look. 

Get Familiar With Scrub Styles

There are many scrub styles available to fit every fashion preference. Women’s scrubs (and men’s scrubs) have come a long way with variety for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a more traditional look or are into the sporty and fitted modern fit – there are plenty of scrub options for you. Here are some of our favorites to set you on the path for sartorial success.

Scrub Tops

best scrubs: Keswi scrub top

The best set of scrubs for healthcare workers are those that are functional but don’t compromise style. Traditional scrub tops often feature a V-neck style because they’re easy to get on and off. There’s also plenty of room to attach your ID badge without scratching your neck. Rounded and scallop neck scrub tops are also popular if you prefer a less plunging neckline while you’re calculating I’s & O’s.

Many of Keswi’s scrub tops feature a slightly rounded neckline. This is great if you like the V-neck scrub top look but don’t want to worry about it being too revealing. The Ozark V-neck top for men and the Mira and Malibu tops for women have this versatile neckline. 

If you prefer more details in your scrub tops, a faux-wrap or mock-wrap top may be right for you. The tailored fit and flattering angles accentuate your waistline without being too constricting. Some scrub tops have an actual drawstring waist to adjust the tightness of the wrap, but many have a simple elasticated waist for easy wear and comfort. 

Not only do the best scrubs have appealing angles and necklines but they also have helpful details. Side vents are great to allow extra “give” when you’re tucking in your patient’s fitted sheet. Princess seams and darting add shape to the garment to prevent a boxy pajama top look.

Scrub Pants

Keswi scrub pants close up

Scrub pants fashion can be broken into traditional and modern styles as well. Straight leg and cargo scrub pants are timeless options that you can’t go wrong with. The most modern silhouette is the jogger pant, which features a fitted leg with tapered and cuffed ankles. Joggers are sporty and functional – no risk of tripping over your pant leg during busy med pass times. Keswi offers joggers for both women and men.

Looking at the waistline will give you clues as to how it fits, which is essential in picking a pair of scrub pants. Many scrubs have a mid-rise or low-rise, so they hit right on or right below your hip bones. You also have options such as a drawstring pant or elastic waist to secure your scrubs in place.

The best scrubs stay where you want them without being constricting. Many of Keswi’s scrub pants have both a drawstring and elastic waist, providing the best of both worlds. You have the adjustability of a drawstring and still have the flexibility of an elastic waist. 

Find the Best Scrubs Today

The best medical scrubs combine functionality and fashion. When shopping for your medical uniform, there are several key factors to keep in mind:

  • Check the label and look for multifunctional materials
  • Don’t settle for one size – you want your scrubs to fit your specific body type
  • Understand the differences between styles and fit
  • Pay attention to pockets and their placement

This is the basic recipe for finding your favorite scrubs. Fortunately, Keswi’s premium scrubs offer a wide variety of sizes, styles, and features so you can enjoy workwear that’s comfy, made to last, and won’t hinder your non-stop workday.

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