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The Best Scrubs For Curvy Women: A Shopper’s Guide

best scrubs for curvy women: Woman wearing scrubs

When it comes to finding the best scrubs for curvy women, it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming challenge (especially when shopping online). You may feel like you have to default to unisex or plus-size scrubs, but thankfully scrub sets have come a long way in accommodating all medical professionals and different body types. Once you know which key features to focus on, finding well-fitting medical scrubs for your curves and size is as easy as 1-2-3-4. 

1. Materials Matter

The thing about finding the best scrubs for curvy women is that they move, curve, and flow with you. Wearing stiff scrub sets won’t cut it. A multifunctional blend of durable, breathable, and comfortable materials will ensure you’re comfy and covered. This is why finding scrubs made with high-quality materials, including spandex, is crucial. Spandex can stretch more than 100% and magically pop back to its original shape and structure. Pairing spandex with durable materials like polyester and rayon create a lasting stretch so you can function comfortably through your shift.

Keswi’s premium scrubs are made of a polyester, rayon, and spandex blend to bring you the perfect weight of scrubs material. After all, the last thing you want to worry about is wearing a pair of scrubs that become transparent when stretched. (Don’t worry, our scrubs put that fear on bedrest.)

Keswi’s four-way stretch scrubs are easy to care for and wrinkle resistant so you don’t waste any extra time with ironing after a long day on your feet. Not only are these medical scrubs wrinkle-resistant, but they’re also moisture-wicking and breathable to help you stay cool during a busy shift change. 

2. Curve Coverage

best scrubs for curvy women: Woman wearing scrubs with her hand in her pocket, a tablet inside another and a pager clipped on the waistband

Once you’ve found the best materials for your scrubs, finding the best style for your curves is next. It's just a fact that women with curves often have to worry more about bust and hip coverage compared to others. To complicate matters a bit, not all scrub styles are especially forgiving when it comes to coverage.

For example, V-neck tops are extremely popular because they’re comfortable and easy to put on and take off. But the problem with a deep or pronounced V-neckline is the potential for the cut to be too low, forcing you to wear an underscrub top or constantly tugging at your neckline to keep it up. 

The solution is to find a scrub top that has a more curved V-neck that isn’t as drastic but still gives a flattering look that elongates your neck area. Case in point: Keswi’s short sleeve Mira faux-wrap 5-pocket scrub top and Malibu pocket V-neck scrub top. Both of these stylish options have a curved V-neck for a more subtle silhouette and better coverage. 

Opt for a mock-wrap or faux-wrap top rather than a true wrap top for more secure coverage. True wrap tops have the potential to gape open or become loose if you’re having to move around a lot, especially when turning patients or changing linens. Mock-wrap scrub tops create the illusion of a wrap without the hassle of wearing an underscrub top or pinning it together with a safety pin.

For better curve coverage, Keswi has another unique option many other scrub brands don’t – a tuck-in scrub top. Most scrub top styles are meant to wear over the scrub pants, typically to allow for optimal pocket space. But Keswi’s tuck-in scrub top is perfect for the minimalist nurse who loves a streamlined look. That said, there's still a helpful chest pocket as well as an ID loop so you have plenty of storage for your badge and favorite pen. 

When it comes to scrub pants, you obviously want to choose a pair that stays in place, regardless of how busy you are on the unit. Many women’s scrub pants only have an elastic waist or basic drawstring waist. Spandex is great, but when considering how much bending and squatting (and potentially) running you may have to do, having pants with both an elastic waistband and drawstring can be a life-saver. 

Keswi’s Ventura joggers and Livia multi-pocket cargo scrub pants have an elasticated back with an inner drawstring on the front. The drawstring ensures your pants stay where you want them while the elasticated back gives you a perfect amount of curvy wiggle room so you don’t have to adjust your drawstring scrub pant from sitting to standing. 

Along with choosing a drawstring versus elastic waist (or both), you want to take a look at where the scrub pants sit on your waist. Oftentimes, a mid-rise or high-rise pair provides better coverage and a secure fit compared to a low-rise pant. 

3. Curve Contouring and Detailing

Woman wearing scrubs with pen pockets on the sleeve

When you have a curvy figure, you may need to buy a slightly larger size to accommodate your curves, which can sometimes make your scrubs look too big in all the wrong places. Finding scrubs with unique details can help accentuate your curves and make your scrub set feel like it was tailored just for you. 

Features like princess seams or darting can help contour your scrub top so it doesn’t look generic. Princess seams (like those on our Mira mock-wrap top) create an elongating seam to create structure similar to the boning found in corsets – without the wires or discomfort! Many scrub tops have princess seams in the front as well as the back to create a tailored look.

Darts are similar to princess seams as they help create shape to a garment, but darts only consist of folds of fabric sewn together rather than a seam. 

The shape of a scrub set also depends on pocket placement and style. Pockets are vital to a scrub set’s functionality – if you don’t have a place to stash your stethoscope, cell phone, or any other necessities, you’re going to regret that purchase. But not all pockets are created equal when it comes to creating your scrub set.

A large kangaroo pouch in the front of a scrub top can create unflattering bagginess if you’re carrying heavy supplies around. Patch pockets (pockets that are simply sewn on the outside of the garment) can appear bulky, especially if you’re a curvy woman. 

Having well-placed pockets integrated into the style can help maintain the intended shape and style of the scrubs no matter how many cargo pockets you have. 

When you’re curvy, sometimes you might have a little extra material around the waist that can’t always be avoided. However, a flat front waistband (like those in our Livia straight-leg pants) helps eliminate any bunching or extra material around the waist to create a smooth transition from top to bottom for a seamless and professional look. 

Joggers are in every modern nurse’s closet and for good reason – they create a tailored effect with their tapered pant legs without compromising comfort. Joggers are great for giving extra space in the hip and waist area while contouring and elongating the length of your legs. 

4. Don’t Forget to Choose the Right Color and Size

Patterned versus solid scrubs is all about personal preference, but you can’t go wrong with having a few classic colors in your wardrobe. Keswi scrubs come in five versatile solids: black, pewter, navy blue, royal blue, and wine. These colors mix and match well together and can also balance out a fun pattern to complete your look.

When shopping for the best scrubs for curvy women, sizing can get complicated. Fortunately, Keswi sets are sold separately so you can find the perfect size for your tops and bottoms without compromising. We carry sizes from XS to 3X in our tops and pants, plus all of our pants come in petite sizes so you don’t have to worry about tripping over (or hemming) your pants. 

Find the Best Scrubs for Curvy Women Today

Shopping for scrubs when you have curves shouldn’t be a chore. Thankfully, scrubs have come a long way from unisex shapes and sizes to create a uniform that makes you feel your best. 

Using brands that incorporate the best materials and coverage is key. You also want to find details that work for you so your scrubs stay put and your style stays fresh. Finishing your look with the right size and timeless color palette will help your confidence shine through all shift long. Be sure to check out Keswi’s women’s scrubs for the perfect fit you’ll just love every time you put them on.
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