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Best Scrubs for Women: Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Uniform

A smiling doctor wears the best scrubs for women.

When the shifts are long and the breaks are short, comfortable clothing is key. But just because you’re a healthcare worker doesn’t mean you’ve abandoned your sense of style. You know that the best scrubs for women will help you feel and look your best.

With so many medical scrub brands out there, you would think finding a well-fitted medical uniform wouldn't be such a challenge. But you know all too well that isn’t the case. How many times have you searched Amazon trying to find a scrub set from Cherokee, Barco, or Dickies, only to realize the size or fit is nothing like you expected?

Whether it’s a classic look or the latest modern cut, scrubs are an extension of who you are as a medical professional. Even if you have to follow a dress code or wear a certain color, you still want to express your own flair for fashion.

So, how do you find the best scrubs for women? For starters, you must know what to look for — namely, size selection, style and color options, material, and other features that'll help make your job easier. To help you out, we’ve come up with this guide so you can pick your favorite scrubs as easily as you place your online coffee order.

Scrubs Material 

The style and cut of your scrubs is a big part of how you look, but the material of your scrubs can make a world of difference in how you feel throughout your workday. From cotton to polyester to spandex, choosing the most functional and comfortable scrubs starts from the inseam out.

Cotton is a great and cozy material, but we all know how easily it can wrinkle. On the other hand, polyester isn’t known as the most breathable material, but it has the benefits of being durable, anti-wrinkle, and anti-shrink. Rayon offers breathability and moisture-wicking to keep you cool, while spandex offers plenty of stretch. The best scrubs for women mix and match materials to create the perfect blend. 

With this in mind, Keswi premium scrubs are made from a special 74% polyester, 20% rayon, and 6% spandex blend that makes them ultra-easy to care for. The moisture-wicking fabrication allows you to stay dry and comfortable all day long, while the wrinkle-free, four-way stretch allows you to move freely on the unit and maneuver those tiny hospital rooms.

You can also feel confident that you’ll have the softest scrubs on the unit, thanks to Keswi’s micro-peached finish. You’ll never have to worry about scratchy or itchy material distracting you during complicated procedures. Kewsi scrubs are also the perfect weight – not too heavy or too light – so no matter what floor you get floated to, you’ll always feel at home in your scrubs.

Size Selection 

In nursing school, nothing was worse than getting a lecture about how your scrubs fit or didn't fit. (Trust, we’ve all been there.) Thankfully, you’re not doomed to wear oversized scrubs for the rest of your career. That’s where Keswi scrubs come in.

Available in sizes ranging from XS-3X, Keswi premium scrubs are made for your body type. Each pair of scrub pants features a combination elastic and drawstring waistband, which means they’ll stay in place whether you have a smaller frame or are plus size. Our drawstring pants also come in petite sizes, which means no more tripping over (or on) your pant legs.

When it comes to scrub tops, Keswi also has you covered. Just like you want your scrub pants to fit your figure without interrupting function, you want a top that’s neither too baggy or too tight. Being able to move freely in your scrubs makes those 12-hour shifts a lot more manageable. 

Functional Details

Nurses are all about getting the job done, and the scrubs you wear are no exception. You can have the most on-brand scrub set, but if they don’t help you survive the workday, they won’t be in your closet for long.

Scrubs that have the perfect balance of pockets and loops are a must for storing your stethoscope, mask, pens, badge, credit card (for those much-needed coffee breaks), and other necessities. Having a few pockets with zippers ensures your ID or credit card won’t accidently fall out when you’re helping someone roll off a bed pan. 

While retractable badges are great, the metal clasp rubbing against your collarbone is not only annoying, but it can also be painful. Loops for badges and pens on your scrub top as well as scrub pants can keep those harsh materials off your skin. 

These small features make a big difference. Here are some of our favorite styles that seamlessly blend form and function:

Mira Mock Wrap Scrub Top

A nurse puts on gloves while wearing the best scrubs for women.

Keswi’s Mira five-pocket mock wrap top brings a breath of fresh air to scrub top fashion. The flattering lines and angles look great on all body types and help set you apart from traditional scrub blouses. Bonus: The zippered sleeve pocket is perfect for your keycard, cash, and anything else you need to safely stash.

Malibu V-Neck Scrub Top

Malibu V-neck scrubs for women

If you’re looking for the classic scrub top vibe, you can’t go wrong with our Malibu V-neck top. It’s easy to wear and complements your shape without compromising function or professionalism. The discreet front pockets ensure you don't look like you have a kangaroo pouch, yet it keeps all your essentials within reach.

Our Malibu V-neck scrub top also has multiple pockets to hold everything you need to get through your shift without a million trips to the supply room. Both of these Keswi scrub tops have convenient badge clips on the shoulder to keep your badge from weighing your neck down or stretching out your neckline. 

Ventura Jogger Scrub Pants

Woman poses in one of the best scrubs for women.

Scrub pants have come a long way from the unisex one-size-fits-no-one style. Just tighten up the drawstring and you’ll have the perfect fit all day long.

Our Ventura jogger scrub pants bring today’s athleisure obsession into the hospital or clinic. The flat front style and elastic waist complement any shape without compromising comfort. (No worry of a low-rise scrub pant mishap here!)

Plus, the tapered pant legs with elasticized ankles polish off your look while letting you move freely. They also offer the perfect opportunity to show off a pop of color and personality when you’re rocking a pair of fun compression socks.

Livia Straight-Leg Pants

Doctor poses in joggers that are regarded as the best scrubs for women.

If relaxed straight-leg pants are more your style, Keswi’s Livia multi-pocket pants are ready to round out your look. Our cargo scrub pants combine functional storage with a flattering fit.

With nine (yes, nine!) pockets, including cargo pockets, you can be sure you’ll never be without an alcohol swab or 4x4 when you need it. The comfy elastic waist and hidden drawstring mean your pants stay put and your style stays sleek. 


The last thing you want to worry about is your scrubs tearing at the seams after just a few washes. Keswi scrubs are durable and long-lasting, so you can feel confident knowing that they’ll withstand wash after wash. But durable doesn’t have to mean stiff and bulky. Keswi scrubs are tough enough to tackle the toughest and longest shifts, yet they’re buttery soft on your skin thanks to a yummy micro-peached finish. 

Versatile Colors 

Color can make or break a scrub set. You can't go wrong with solids (well, you can, but it’s less likely) and Keswi scrubs have classic yet modern hues that always feel fresh. Our women’s scrubs come in five dreamy colors that are sure to complement any skin tone or mood:

  • Black
  • Pewter
  • Navy blue
  • Royal blue
  • Wine (yes, please!)

It’s Time to Pick the Best Scrubs for Women

Finding the best scrubs for women can be a challenge. Even though scrubs are traditionally made to be comfy and understated, it’s hard to find those that also fit your frame and personal style. 

Keswi's high-quality scrubs are here for you. With our flattering styles and versatile colors, you’ll always have the best scrub set on the unit. Our durable and moisture-wicking scrubs will keep you protected and comfortable day and night. The little extras like our zipper shoulder pocket, combined elastic and drawstring waist elevate your medical scrubs to the next level. 

Bringing together a professional look for your nursing scrubs is what we do best. From your neckline to hemline – Keswi has the right size for you.

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