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Cute Scrubs: A Nurse’s Guide to Top Tips and Style Hacks 

cute scrubs: nurse holding a stethoscope

When it comes to nursing scrubs, the bigger and boxier, the better, right? Fortunately, no. Top scrub brands finally kicked SpongeBob to the curb and started designing cute scrub sets for the human body. At Keswi, we’re happy to report that “cute scrubs” are officially a thing.

While that's fantastic news, you might be wondering what to do if you have a closet full of old scrubs and don’t have time to overhaul your entire wardrobe. Keep reading for DIY styling tips, advice on fit, and fresh color combos, plus some worthwhile new pieces you’ll want to invest in stat.

Cute Scrubs: Upmarket Styling Hacks

Several years ago, the cast of the medical drama “Remedy” said their most frequently asked question from fans was: “Where can I buy those scrubs?” 

Patrick Antosh, the show’s costume designer said he purchased them off the rack then admitted he altered each scrub set to fit the actor who would wear them. And it showed. 

While you probably don’t have time for custom tailoring, you can give your old scrubs a new fit before your next shift. Here’s how to find cute scrubs for every body type. 

Cute Scrub Tips for a Slim Body Type 

If you have a straight body from your shoulders to hips, then your natural waist sits low just below your belly button. Choose structured pieces like the UA Butter-Soft STRETCH Scrubs Active Knit Panel Vest which separates your torso from your lower body. 

You can achieve a similar look by wearing your top tucked into the waist of scrub bottoms. If you’re tall, opt for straight-legged or skinny cut pants. If you’re petite, avoid flared legs and bell-bottom styles. As Cosmo says, “there’s nothing elongating about them.”

Wearing scrub pants that are too long is NSFW. Seriously, it’s “going for a run in flip-flops” dangerous. The good news is that it's really easy to hem scrub bottoms. If you aren’t interested in practicing the double surgeon’s knot you learned in First Assist school, you’ll need a hot iron and some adhesive to get your hem just right. 

Cute Scrubs for an Hourglass Body Type

cute scrubs: Keswi scrub top

With an hourglass figure, you have proportionate curves and look great in tapered scrub tops paired with straight-legged or skinny bottoms. If you’re good with a needle and thread, “Simple Alterations and Tailoring” by J. Francois Campbell features excellent tutorials for taking in the sides.

If you have a closet full of boxy scrub tops, wear them tucked in. V-neck scrubs are flattering for all figures as long as they’re not cut too low. A rounded V-neck scrub top is modern and provides ample coverage. Spandex blend fabric ensures flexibility while front and back princess seams enable a custom-tailored fit at off-the-rack prices.

If you’re in the market for a new scrub top, choose one made for curves like Keswi’s Mira scrub top. Mira features a mock-wrap top along with front and back princess seams. Princess seams add shaping for a tailored look that emphasizes a woman’s natural curves. 

Cute Scrubs for an Apple-Shape Body

Keswi scrub bottom close-up

For women, an apple-shape body means your shoulders are slightly broader than your hips. To achieve balance, try wearing scrubs with a roomy jacket or an outer vest over a scrub undershirt. 

If you’re a guy with broad shoulders and a tapered waist, you’ll want to avoid skinny scrub bottoms to achieve a more proportionate look. Opt for cargo scrub pants that feature plenty of pockets to give you just a little more width. Men with an athletic build look great in the Glasgow cargo scrub pants by Keswi.

Color Makes Cute

Don’t be afraid to add color. The cutest scrubs depend on it, and it’s an easy skill to master. If you're not in pediatrics, you can skip the Tooniforms and still have plenty of options. Here are a few:

  • Lab coat personalized with your name and title in colorful embroidery
  • Zip-front jackets with colorful sleeve accents
  • Colorful hoodie with cute detailing such as pen pockets and a kangaroo pouch 
  • Solid colors with a contrasting stripe along the neckline, pocket, or sleeve
  • Mix-and-match solids
  • Colorful accessories

Pay Attention to Skin Tone

Don’t tell your mom this, but there are no hard rules regarding personal color choices. It’s interesting how trend spotters at Pantone pick color palettes for the entire global ready-to-wear market each year. Their process is top secret, but it’s safe to assume they don’t consider your skin's undertone when choosing the Color of the Year.

However, if you need rules, it may help to choose personal colors based on your current hair and eye color. Whether you’re a natural blond who wears green contacts, or a redhead with baby blues, certain colors may help accentuate the positive. Otherwise, it’s safe to forget what you’ve been told about “seasons” and “undertones.” 

Choose Colors to Fit the Vibe

Color is powerful. It influences perception and sentiment; it stimulates the senses and manipulates the mind. Marketers use colors to influence consumer buying decisions. For example, bright colors like red and yellow stimulate hunger we’re looking at you McDonald’s! 

Psyched About Red Medical Scrubs

Besides giving you the munchies, red is a popular color for holiday scrubs. It looks great paired with shades like rust, gray, tan, white, and cream. With green, turquoise, and teal, red creates a festive contrast. Wearing a best-selling nursing uniform color like burgundy or wine may help others to perceive quality, luxury, and sophistication. Natural shades of red may help you (or your patient) feel grounded and safe. 

Bright Blue is a Popular Color in Healthcare

Bright blue shades like royal blue or azure are perennially cute scrub colors. Blue hues are calming. Many people associate blue tones with positions of authority and trust. 

Try pairing a royal blue V-neck scrub top with a long sleeve undershirt or scrub jacket in contrasting shades like orange, brick-red, and yellow. 

Create a classy but cute scrub look by pairing blue jogger scrub pants with a print scrub top or scrub jacket featuring complementary shades like indigo, violet, and teal.

Gray Scrubs are Great for Guys

Pewter scrubs are always best-sellers among men. Interestingly, gray brings to mind age and wisdom. Does this mean pewter scrubs are a power move for today’s young nurse? 

Because it’s a neutral tone, gray scrubs will complement any muted color like baby blue, cream, white, and pale yellow. Bright colors like orange-red, lime green, and royal blue make plain gray drawstring medical uniforms pop. 

Navy Blue and Black

Dark colors like black and navy blue are always a sign of distinction, exclusivity, and luxury. As with gray, dark shades like navy blue and black look great with almost all colors. 

However, there's a catch.

It's true that scrub brands like Cherokee, Dickies, Med Couture, Koi, and Barco share similar styles and use the same dyes or colors. But different dyeing methods, antimicrobial treatments, and variations in fabric content (spandex stretch, wonderflex, wonderwink, iflex), cause dark colors to fade at different rates. 

For example, after a few wash cycles, your black Cherokee workwear scrub bottoms probably won't match the black Heartsoul mock-wrap scrub top you bought to go with it. Why go to the trouble of buying expensive scrub sets? 

The problem here is two-fold: inferior dye and inferior fabric. We know how often you wash your scrubs (daily) and at what temperature (scalding), so we start with a premium blend of fabric designed to resist fading and use only premium dyes. This is the Keswi difference. 

Cute Scrub Accessories

If you aren’t into prints but still want color, this section is for you. The most fashionable accessories are a no-go for nurses and caregivers working in a clinical setting. However, if they’re functional, minimalist accessories are doable. It’s surprising how much flair a little pop of color adds to the average pair of women's scrubs. 

Silicone Wedding Bands 

With less than a decade on the market, silicone bands have moved from a nice-to-have to a must-have for many medical professionals. Nurses love the functionality and fashion of ring bands like these from Qalo

Colorful Stethoscopes

Stethoscopes aren’t a typical accessory. However, the colorful tubing choices, chic black hardware, low price, and professional quality of the Prestige Clinical Lite make it easy to become a collector. 

Printed Socks

Straight-leg or jogger scrub pants paired with socks in a contrasting color are next-level cute. As you already know, compression socks are a nurse’s best friend to keep aches and swelling at bay. Cuvu compression socks are the softest around and come in a variety of colors, patterns, and compression levels.

Best Shoes for Cute Scrubs

Old-school nurses are all about their "whites." And we get it, all-white shoes look sharp — until life gets in your way and you step in it on your way to shift report. Whether you prefer Skechers or Dansko clogs, low-maintenance shoes are a modern nurse's best bud.

Before You Check Out ...

Science tells us that, among other things, being good to yourself leads to a happier, more productive "you." Creating cute scrub looks didn't make that list. But one could argue it’s a measure of self-care. And it doesn't require too much of your most valuable resource: time. 

Looking cute doesn't take hours of shopping for new arrivals. You don't need the newest designer prints, cartoon animals, or know the latest fashion trends. 

With a little effort from you and some inspiration from us, you can upgrade your existing wardrobe and create your own collection of cute scrubs. When you do have time to shop, Keswi aims to provide the best scrubs in vibrant, long-lasting colors from the softest materials available. 

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