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Dental Scrubs: A Stress-Free Shopping Guide

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Shopping for dental scrubs might not be your favorite activity in the world, but it also doesn't have to feel as painful as pulling teeth. In fact, it can be downright fun. While comfort and easy care are probably at the top of your wish list, you might not know what exactly to look for. Not to worry. Use this stress-free shopping guide to pick your next pair of dental scrubs so you can feel good and get back to making your patients’ pearly whites shine. 

Dental Scrubs Must-Haves

Dentistry is often a stationary role. Whether you’re a dental assistant, dental hygienist, or dentist, you’re frequently sitting when you work with patients. And since sitting is a big part of your job, it makes sense to have dental scrubs that accommodate this position. 

It may seem silly, but if you think about it, there are many features that are helpful (and some that aren’t) when you’re sitting throughout your workday. Below is what you need to consider when shopping for dental scrubs.

Temperature Control

A lot of people get chilly when sitting, so wearing a dental uniform you can layer is useful. After all, you don’t want to have several pieces of clothes bunched up under your lab coat while you’re trying to help someone rinse out a mouthful of fluoride. 

Finding a pair you can match with underscrubs (like this cute Healing Hands long-sleeve top) and jackets will ensure you’re comfortable during those long procedures. Cherokee Workwear has several soothing colors in their snap-front scrub jacket, so you can keep your cool and hopefully calm your patients at the same time. If you’re someone who loves cuffed sleeves, try Dickies classic fit scrub jacket with knit cuffs to keep your sleeves out of the sink (and your patient’s mouth!). 

Keswi premium scrubs offer fitted styles to give you a more tailored fit than other scrub brands.These flattering silhouettes allow you to layer a cozy scrub jacket or hoodie on top when you get a little chill finishing up those back molars. On the other hand, those dental exam lights can definitely turn up the heat. The last thing you want to do is feel sweat forming while setting that filling. 

The solution? Choose scrubs made of fabrics that will help keep your body temp just right. Keswi scrubs are made from a polyester, rayon, and spandex blend to bring you moisture-wicking comfort. This unique polyblend also provides enough weight so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a workout top, but rather a durable piece of medical attire that’s built to last. Oh, and don’t forget the micro-peached finish that feels oh-so soft.

Static Comfort

Even though sitting on a chair or stool is part of the job, that doesn’t mean you aren’t moving around. From reaching for suction to checking the computer for X-ray images, you definitely aren’t motionless. Finding dental scrubs that move with you is a must. 

Looking for dental scrubs made with spandex or other stretchy materials is important to keep you mobile. Scrubs without a little give can constrict your movement and make it difficult to complete a task. Keswi premium scrubs are made with spandex and have four-way stretch, so you can easily bend down to grab extra gauze or provide a steady hand during a procedure. 

Having your body on a swivel chair requires a lot of motion from your waist and hips, which is why finding scrub pants with the right waistband is vital. Drawstrings are great for a secure fit, but they can feel constricting once you sit down. This is why having a pair with an elastic waist may be ideal. 

Keswi women’s scrub pants come with a front drawstring and elasticated back to bring you the best of both worlds. You can customize the waist with the drawstring but also have some wiggle room when you sit down to start your day. 

As a dental worker, not only is your waist moving around, but your feet are too. Wearing bootcut or flare-leg scrub pants have the potential for getting caught up in the wheels of your stool or under your foot. As such, straight-leg scrub pants and tapered joggers may be your best bet. Keswi’s cargo pants have a nice straight leg so you have a relaxed fit without the extra fabric. We also have jogger scrub pants for both men and women. With soft brushed cuffs, these pants are great to showcase a fun pair of Dansko clogs

Pocket Placement

Although you have most of your tools and supplies nearby, everyone needs a few well-placed pockets. When you’re sitting throughout the day, back pockets are probably not ideal. You don’t want to sit on your Chapstick and you don’t want to fumble to reach it either. 

For scrub pants, cargo pockets are probably your best bet for easy access while sitting. Keswi scrubs offers a six-pocket cargo pant for women and a nine-pocket cargo men’s scrub pants for all your storage needs. Angled front pockets are also nice because you can reach in there more easily than a standard pant pocket. 

When it comes to scrub tops, many brands have pockets in front near the waist. This might seem like a great idea until you end up crushing the items or nearly impale yourself in the stomach with a pen in those pockets once you sit down. 

As an alternative, look for scrub tops that have a chest pocket or convenient shoulder pockets. Keswi’s Malibu V-neck top has a large chest pocket for storing your pens, pager, and extra gloves. 

Keswi also has a five-pocket mock-wrap top with a sleeve pocket that has a zippered closure. It’s perfect for securely storing your keys, lunch money, or mints. Improving functionality with thoughtful pocket placement can make or break a scrub set. 

Scrub Color

The color of your scrubs might be dictated by your dental practice. But if you can decide what color to wear, it's good to know some colors are more soothing than others. It’s no secret a lot of patients have anxiety and fears when it comes to going to the dentist compared to other healthcare visits. 

Believe it or not, wearing certain scrub colors can help keep the tears and teeth chattering at bay. Green and blue hues tend to create the most calming effects according to Moffitt Cancer Center. Ceil blue (light blue) is a classic scrub color, but royal blue and teal are great for creating calm vibes. 

Darker colors like navy blue, gray, and black can also create a grounding and calming sense to help your patients relax. But don’t discount bold or bright colors – yellows, deep reds, and purple can also uplift spirits and lighten the mood. Whether you pick print scrubs or a solid scrub top, it’s something your patient will notice, so keep this in mind when choosing your work wardrobe.

Fortunately, Keswi offers five color options – black, pewter (gray), royal blue, navy blue, and wine – that all fall under the soothing spectrum to help keep your patients calm. Plus, you’ll look ultra stylish. It’s a win-win. 

Materials Make a Difference

Just like flossing is the key to a great dental report, wearing scrubs made from high-quality materials can make all the difference. Now that you know what key features to look for, make sure you check out the tag on the scrubs to identify what fabrics are in the scrubs. 

As mentioned, polyester brings durability, moisture-wicking, and wrinkle-free features to a scrub product. No more standing over an ironing board before your day begins or worrying about replacing scrubs after a few washes. 

Rayon is a great fabric because it’s breathable. Many athletic clothes are made from rayon and when you combine it with polyester, they create the perfect weighted scrubs. And let’s not forget spandex, which gives you the stretch and comfort you need whether you’re swiveling on a seat or standing to snap some dental X-rays.

Find Your Next Pair of Dental Scrubs Today

Scrub shopping can feel as monotonous as routine cleanings, but as you now know, there’s so much more to both. Finding dental scrubs that help you get your work done during the workday will make your life easier and tasks less stressful. 

Before you click "checkout," look for scrubs that are great for layering and can adapt to your varying temperature needs throughout the day. You also want to find features that are useful while sitting. Picking the best colors and the right materials will also impact how you (and your patients) feel. 

Keswi scrubs brings you the best materials, styles, and colors to create a dental scrub wardrobe you can’t wait to wear. Even if your patients aren’t exactly looking forward to their appointment, you’ll leave them with a smile and feeling well cared for while you look and feel your best. 

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