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Your Shopping Guide for Fashionable Scrubs

Keswi: The most fashionable scrubs

Wanting to look your best as a medical professional is not a new trend. In fact, surgeons in the early 19th century used to wear frock coats and suits in the operating room when they performed surgery, often in front of an audience.

A lot has changed since those early days, including a much better understanding of how infections can spread from unclean clothing. As such, hospital attire has become much more focused on function than fashion over the years. But that doesn’t mean these two elements have to be mutually exclusive. Today’s medical professionals want the best of both worlds, and thankfully, fashionable scrubs are here to deliver.

From picking the right style to match your body type and choosing the most helpful features (hello, pockets) to deciding on prints versus solid color scrubs, this guide will help you find the best fashionable scrubs for you. 

Bring Fashion to Every Floor, Unit, and Ward

There’s a reason why wearing your favorite LBD or seersucker suit isn’t an option when you’re on duty. Not only would it look ridiculous, but you’d be incredibly uncomfortable. Also, there’s that all-important cleanliness factor mentioned earlier. (Don’t miss our guide on why nurses wear scrubs for the full rundown.)

But you also don’t have to completely forget fashion when you walk through those emergency room doors. Fashionable scrubs allow you to maintain a professional look with your scrub tops and scrub pants with some added personality. 

Investing in high-quality scrubs means bringing the best materials and styles together. Fashion scrubs are meant to stand apart from the crowd, but not take over the med room. They use materials to flatter any shape and withstand many washes. Combining form and function is what fashion scrubs are all about, making them as vital as your Littmann stethoscope and lab coat. 

Choose Medical Scrubs With High-Quality Materials

You can have the trendiest scrub style, but if you can’t breathe, move, or easily care for the product, what good is it? When you’re a nurse or healthcare worker, you’re always on the move, and that means you need medical scrubs that move with you. 

Scrubs are meant to be worn day in and day out. As a medical professional, you count on your scrubs to protect you from bodily fluids, so quality fabric can’t be overlooked. 

Keswi scrubs are made from a polyester, rayon, and spandex blend. Polyester provides the durability to survive high-heat washing and drying after a long day of who-knows-what getting on your scrubs. Polyester is also anti-wrinkle, so if you’re a “grab 'em out of the dryer and put ‘em on” type of person, you won’t have to choose between ironing your scrubs or having enough time to grab coffee before work.

Keswi’s fashion scrubs also contain rayon which gives you the benefits of breathable, moisture-wicking comfort. Keswi’s four-way stretch has just enough spandex to allow for extra wiggle room, which comes in handy during busy med passes or dressing changes.

Keswi scrubs are the perfect weight, allowing for breathable scrubs that still have a durable coziness for every season. They also have the softest micro-peached finish, which means you never have to trade comfort for fashion. 

Look for Useful Features and Details

“These scrubs have too many pockets,” said no one ever. As a nurse or other healthcare professional, one of the first things you probably look for in your scrub set is pockets. But aside from ample storage, what else should you look for when shopping for medical apparel? 

There are so many options when it comes to scrubs, it’s no wonder it can feel exhausting notch neck, V-neck, or round neck? Long sleeve or short sleeve? Zip-front, snap-front, or pullover scrub jackets? Straight-leg scrub pants or jogger-style scrub pants? 

When shopping for scrub tops, you want to make sure the neckline is comfortable (and even a little flattering). V-neck and mock wrap tops are great for offering a little space around the neck without any risk of being too low and revealing. 

As for scrub pants, pay attention to the waist. (Sorry, scrubs haven’t adopted belted fashion quite yet). Do you prefer the security of a drawstring or flexibility of an elastic waistband? Maybe you’d prefer both to keep your scrub pants right where you want them. 

You also want to choose scrub pants that come in alternate lengths like petite and tall. There’s nothing worse than tripping over your pant legs with an armful of linens or having your socks inadvertently on display if your pants are too short. 

Pockets are a must, but you don’t want to look like you’re about to fly a combat mission or go on a fishing trip with all your supplies. Look for scrubs that have well-appointed pockets without compromising the overall shape of your uniform. Are the pockets big and bulky or streamlined with specific loops and dividers for your penlight, phone, and cash? Secure pockets with zippers or buttons are also a big bonus. 

Opt for Fashionable Scrub Colors That Suit Your Setting

A poll published in a Philadelphia newspaper asked hospital workers to name their most popular scrubs colors. While black topped the list for its authoritative and slimming look, various shades of blue were also among the top colors for their calming and flattering effects. Not surprisingly, red (umm ... blood) and white (impossible to hide anything) were at the bottom of the list.

While having fun print scrubs are a great way to express your personality, every healthcare environment has their own dress code and uniform requirements. Fortunately, Keswi scrubs come in five fashionable colors – black, pewter, royal blue, navy blue, and wine – that’ll likely suit any uniform dress code.

You can match your scrub tops to your scrub pants or wear complementary colors to complete your look. Keswi scrub colors go great with solids, patterns, Tooniforms, or floral print like this Barco Grey’s Anatomy Signature top. Wherever your style preferences take you, Kewsi scrubs are the ideal foundation on which you can build your scrub wardrobe. 

Avoid the “One Size Fits All” Faux Pas

Fashion doesn’t fly if it doesn’t fit. If you see “one size fits all” (or even the supposedly more accurate “one size fits most”) on the label, keep looking. Opt for scrubs that go beyond the unisex two-piece sets. Getting the right fit that suits your body type is essential for fashionable scrubs that feel good. 

For example, Keswi premium scrubs come in a wide range of sizes so you’ll always find the right fit. Women’s scrubs come in XS–3X sizes with scrub pants coming in regular and petite lengths. Men’s scrubs are available in S-3X.

Shopping for Women’s Scrubs

When it’s time to lock down your next set of fashionable scrubs, look no further than Keswi. With two can’t-miss nursing scrub top styles and two scrub pant options, you’ll be smitten with these styles and ready to rock your look. 

Mira Faux-Wrap Scrub Top

Fashionable scrubs: Mira faux wrap top

The Mira faux-wrap scrub top brings flattering angles with the mock wrap detail and princess seams. Having five pockets brings function to this fashion scrub top so you always have a place to stash your phone or patient notes. 

Rather than having to hang your ID badge on your pockets (causing annoying drooping and sagging), the Mira mock-wrap scrub top has a dedicated ID badge loop.

Malibu V-Neck Scrub Top

Malibu V-neck scrub top

The Malibu V-neck scrub top brings a timeless silhouette to your work wardrobe. The slightly curved neckline of the Malibu scrub top allows for a flattering shape without the risk of being too revealing. The multiple pockets make sure storage is never a fashion faux pas when it comes to surviving a long shift. 

Ventura Jogger Scrub Pants

Fashionable scrubs: Ventura joggers

Jogger scrubs might be the latest style to join classic scrub fashion, but there’s no sign that they’re going away. Keswi’s Ventura jogger scrubs allow for a comfortable yet polished look with an elastic ankle cuff. 

With two angled front pockets as well as two jean-style back pockets, the Ventura jogger scrub has functional storage without compromising the overall style of these chic, tailored pants. 

Livia Straight-Leg Scrub Pants

Keswi fashionable scrubs: Straight-leg pants

The Livia multi-pocket straight-leg pant is the answer to your pants-with-enough-storage dreams. The classic straight leg is fashionable with both clogs and sneakers. 

With six pockets (including two roomy cargo pockets) you can be sure you’ll be well-stocked all shift long. The elastic waistband also has a drawstring for all day comfort and secure fit. 

Shopping for Men’s Scrubs

For the fellas, Keswi also has two scrub shirts and two scrub pants to create a fashionable uniform no matter what type of medical professional you are. 

Ajax Henley Top

Ajax men's henley scrub top

The Ajax henley top has a relaxed button neckline, bringing all-day comfort and unique detailing that steps up everyday scrub wear. The zippered chest and sleeve pockets allow for sleek and secure storage for your ID or cash. 

Ozark V-Neck Scrub Top

Men's fashionable scrubs: Ozark V-neck shirt

If you’re looking for classic fit scrub top fashion, the Ozark V-neck has you covered. The relaxed fit offers breathable comfort while the multiple storage features make sure everything is within reach. There’s an ID badge loop, large chest pocket, and pen pockets on the sleeve so you never lose your favorite pen (you know the one).

Bristol Jogger Scrub Pants

Bristol jogger scrub pants

The casual yet professional fit of the Bristol jogger pant is sure to be in high rotation once you add them to your work wardrobe. The soft brushed ankle cuff is comfortable and keeps your pant legs from tripping you up during a busy night shift. 

Glasgow Cargo Scrub Pants

Fashionable scrubs for men: Glasgow pants

The Glasgow cargo pants give the entire Dickies line a run for its money. With nine pockets, you’ll never need to go to the supply room twice. The angled front pockets, side cargo pockets, and zippered back pockets provide plenty of storage. The detailed pocket design means even if all nine are filled you won’t look bulky or awkward. 

Find Your Next Pair of Fashionable Scrubs With Keswi

When you work in healthcare, rocking a couture-worthy look is far from your first priority. But even though you may not be scouring the best sellers or new arrivals list for the trendiest scrubs, you certainly take pride in how you look during your shift. 

Fashionable scrubs combine the best materials, details, fit, and style to help you feel your best, no matter who (or what) shows up on your floor. As you start browsing online to update your work wardrobe, consider Keswi’s selection of premium scrubs. Along with on-trend silhouettes and luxe materials, these scrubs are durable, comfy, and easy to care for. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes and styles. Count on Keswi to keep you looking and feeling your best. 

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