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Form and Function: How To Shop For Fitted Scrubs

Nurse wearing fitted scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck

If you’ve been looking online for medical apparel, you’ve likely noticed there are many different scrub styles and fits. Relaxed, fitted, slim, tailored – these all sound great, but what does it really mean for scrubs to be fitted?

Form-fitting clothes outline the shape of your body more so than a drapey shirt or loose pants. Likewise, fitted scrubs are meant to flatter your body shape and personal style. You want your scrubs to look like they were made for your specific body type without being too tight or too baggy. If you’re looking for scrubs that accentuate the positive, this article will help you figure it out. Keep reading to find out what fitted scrubs are, what makes them so popular, and how to shop for your next pair. 

What Are Fitted Scrubs and Why Are They Popular?

When you see a scrub set described as fitted, it simply means the clothing is made to fit closer to your body with a bit more tapering in strategic places. Form-fitting scrubs tend to have more tailored features to create a desired shape. For example, scrub tops often have fitted features like princess seams or darting to create a more customized silhouette to the overall shape of the garment. 

Fitted scrubs have less to do with things like round neck or V-neck and more to do with how the clothes fit the wearer. Women’s scrub tops may be styled with a mock-wrap that creates a fitted look around the waist compared to other styles. As far as scrub pants, jogger scrub pants or tapered leg pants are considered fitted since they adhere more closely to your legs compared to cargo or straight-leg scrub pants.

Medical professionals love fitted scrubs because they create shape to your work uniform unlike loose unisex scrubs. Fitted scrubs for women can be more feminine in shape, such as pulling in at the waist. Fitted scrubs for men often create a more athletic look, contouring and draping more closely to the frame rather than hanging loosely.

Benefits of Fitted Scrubs 

Other than providing a neat and polished appearance, there are a few other benefits of fitted scrubs. Fitted scrubs are easy to layer since they don’t have a lot of extra material that can scrunch up under a scrub jacket. Just like you wouldn’t want to wear a baggy button-down shirt under a blazer or cardigan, you don’t want your scrub top getting caught in your zipper or becoming bunched in your sleeve. 

Underscrub tops (like the Cherokee Workwear knit tee) are usually fitted for the same reason, so they can seamlessly layer underneath your lab coat or hoodie during your shift. Scrub jackets can also be fitted – like the WonderWink snap front jacket – to maintain the fitted look. 

Layering can also mean tucking in, which is becoming more and more popular with medical professionals. Many scrub tops have pockets at the waist, so a fitted scrub top with a single chest pocket like the Keswi V-neck pocket scrub top is perfect for tucking in without being bulky. This top has a tailored fit with back darts creating a flattering silhouette. 

Fitted scrubs allow you to showcase your style with a more tailored look. This is especially helpful if your hospital has a dress code for scrub colors. Wearing joggers like Keswi’s Ventura brushed cuff jogger scrubs can make way for trendy sock styles or sneakers to shine rather than flared leg pants. Finding ways to highlight details are what make fitted scrubs so fun. 

Tips When Shopping For Fitted Scrubs

There are a few things to consider when shopping for fitted nursing scrubs. Here are some top tips for choosing your next pair.

Look Closely at Materials

One of the more important factors is finding fitted scrubs made of the right materials. Since they’re going to fit more closely to your body than other scrubs, look for scrubs that have some stretch to ensure optimum comfort. 

Spandex is great because it can stretch to the max and then return to its original shape (which is helpful when reaching up high to update the whiteboard). Rayon is another good material to look for since it’s lightweight, making it an ideal close-fitting material. Polyester is durable, moisture-wicking, and wrinkle resistant – all vital features in fitted scrubs.

Keswi premium scrubs are made from a polyester, rayon, and spandex blend combining all of the best fabrics for your fitted scrubs. The four-way stretch and micro-peached finish ensure your scrubs will move with you and give you the softest fabric around. 

Keswi’s breathable poly-blend never makes you feel constricted and they’re durable and wrinkle-free. You’ll love how they keep their shape wash after wash, so you don’t have to worry about them losing their shape. (Bonus: You also never have to bother with ironing.)

Locate the Pockets

When shopping for scrubs that have a tailored fit, make sure you know where your pockets are. Fitted scrub pants with large back pockets can look bulky when full of supplies. However, cargo scrub pants with well-appointed side pockets or angled front pockets to stash your stethoscope can help maintain a streamlined look without compromising storage. 

Keswi’s Livia multi-pocket straight leg pants have a tailored slim fit with angled front pockets and French chop style back pockets. For the guys, the Glasgow cargo pants have nine pockets to hold just about everything from the med room sink without looking bulky. If you prefer pockets on your scrub top, the women’s Mira faux-wrap top has five pockets to store all your patient care essentials.

As a healthcare professional, functionality is just as important as fit when it comes to your uniform, so having adequate storage will make a big difference. 

Pay Attention to Size

fitted scrubs: Woman wearing Keswi Ventura Jogger Scrub Pants

The right size matters more than ever with fitted scrubs. Since there’s less wiggle room, you want the size that fits you best. Luckily, Keswi scrubs come in a wide range of sizes for both women and men. Women’s sizes come in XS-3X with scrub pants coming in regular and petite inseams; men’s scrubs come in S-3X. 

Fitted scrubs often have princess seams or darting to help define a feminine shape. Keswi’s Malibu V-neck scrub top has front and back darting to create structure without being too constricting. 

Since medical scrub sizing can only be so specific, it’ll help to choose fitted scrubs that have some adjustable features. Wrap tops with drawstrings to adjust the waist allows you to get the perfect fit for your waistline. Elastic waists give a little stretch to your scrub pants whether you choose mid-rise or low-rise fitted scrubs. 

Keswi’s Ventura jogger scrub for ladies (and Bristol jogger scrubs for men) have a flat front with drawstring and elasticated back, providing comfort you can customize without compromising a fitted, sporty look. 

Find Your Favorite Fitted Scrubs Today

Shopping for fitted scrubs can feel a bit intimidating. After all, you don’t have a ton of room for error. But knowing what styles make you feel and look your best will help you easily scope out your new pair of best sellers online. 

By seeking out comfortable, multifunctional materials along with special features and sizes that aren’t just “one size fits all,” you can find fitted scrubs to amp up your work wardrobe. Shop now to browse Keswi’s full selection of premium scrubs featuring high-quality fabrics, great styles, and stylish yet functional details.
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