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The Best Hospital Scrubs: How To Find the Perfect Pair

A woman poses while holding her stethoscope in hospital scrubs.

When you work in a hospital, doctor’s office, clinic, or other medical setting, people wearing scrubs is an everyday sight. Still, you might wonder why healthcare professionals wear scrubs in the first place. There are many reasons — from cleanliness and ease of care to comfort and professionalism. (Oh, and lots of pockets.)

In this guide, you’ll learn more about why hospital scrubs are a must in the healthcare profession. You’ll also discover how to choose the best hospital scrubs and what the benefits are to this ubiquitous uniform, so you can look and feel your best even when you’re in the middle of a 12-hour shift. 

Why Do Hospital Workers Wear Scrubs?

Wearing medical scrubs is about sanitation as well as ease of cleaning. By having fairly simple clothing made from durable materials, scrubs make life easier for hospital workers. 

There’s also a fair amount of history about why nurses (and other healthcare workers) wear scrubs. Hospital scrubs and scrub caps started out in the operating room (OR) to reduce infection risk at the turn of the 19th century. 

It’s no surprise that scrubs get their name from the OR, which is considered a “scrubbed” environment or “scrub zone.” Over time, these outer garments made their way beyond the OR as an acceptable hospital uniform, particularly in the 1980s. 

Scrubs have become a medical uniform that help identify staff in a consistent and professional manner, which can help instill confidence and trust in patients. A study published in the Journal of Nursing Administration discovered how much patients pay attention to a nurse’s uniform. The study concluded a nurse’s appearance contributes significantly to their impression and trust in the nurse. 

How to Choose the Best Hospital Scrubs

While there’s no denying the similarities among hospital scrubs, not all scrubs are created equal. There are a few things to look for when shopping for new scrubs, including:

  • The type of fabric
  • A fit that suits your body type
  • A style that appeals to your personality

When your workwear has to last over 12 hours at a time, you want to make sure it’s something that can help you get the job done. Below are some top tips for choosing the best hospital scrubs. 

Read the Fabric Label

High-quality materials can make all the difference in a pair of hospital scrubs. Cotton is breathable and easy to lauder, but boy does it wrinkle if you even look at it the wrong way. Polyester works better to keep those creases smooth, but lacks wiggle room and breathability. 

One material that merges the best of cotton and polyester is rayon. This natural-based textile is both breathable and moisture-wicking, making it a must-have for scrubs. And if you add a little spandex, well, you can move freely in your scrubs, no matter how tiny the hospital room is.

With this in mind, Keswi scrubs are made of a 74% polyester, 20% rayon, and 6% spandex blend. This premium combination of fabrics creates the perfect weight to keep you comfortable no matter how low the thermostat is in the hospital — even if you forgot to grab your scrub jacket or lab coat on the way out the door. On the flip side, these scrubs aren’t so heavy that they’ll heat you up. Keswi hospital scrubs are moisture-wicking to keep you cool no matter how many admissions the charge nurse sends your way.

Keswi scrubs are also wrinkle-resistant, so you don’t have to even think about ironing or folding your hospital scrubs straight out of the dryer. (And honestly, who does this anyway?) Speaking of laundry, Keswi premium scrubs withstand the toughest washes thanks to the durable polyblend. And with an incredible four-way stretch, you never have to worry about reaching that IV pole in the corner.

Another thing you want to consider when choosing scrubs is the cozy factor. Nobody wants itchy, rough scrubs rubbing against their skin all day. Keswi scrubs have a micro-peached finish that you’ll just want to live in. Seriously, these are the softest scrubs you’ll find.

Make Sure You Have Proper Fit and Size

Many hospital scrubs can leave you feeling stiff, starched, and uninspired. They also tend to be unisex scrubs with no attention to fit. This can make it harder to find the right cut for a woman’s or man’s figure. Aside from uncomfortable material, there’s nothing worse than wearing the wrong-sized scrubs. Worrying if you’re going to split a seam or trip over the cuff of your scrub pants becomes exhausting after 12 hours.

Look for scrubs that aren’t one-size-fits-all, because let’s face it, that's just not true. With Keswi scrubs, you’re bound to find the right size. Keswi scrubs come in sizes XS-3X for women, and sizes S-3X for men. Also, women’s pants also come in regular and petite sizes. 

Don’t Ignore Style

Nobody wants to feel like they’re wearing a tent to work or have no chance for a bit of stylish expression. Thankfully, Keswi’s new arrivals will break you out of the boring, bad-fitting scrub routine and into some serious scrub sass. (Oh yes, the unit is now your runway.) 

With a variety of styles for both tops and pants, Keswi lets you have a little fun with fashion while keeping a polished, professional look. What’s more, Keswi has five solid scrub colors to accentuate any skin tone or mood. You can keep it simple and sleek with black or pewter. If blue is more your speed, choose from navy and royal blue. For a more elegant mood, you can’t go wrong with Keswi’s wine scrubs.

8 Scrub Options to Get You Started 

When picking out scrubs, look for styles that will make you feel your best. Whether you choose a classic or more modern look, the right pair of scrubs can help your personality shine through and keep you feeling confident. Here are eight ideas you’re sure to love. 

Mira 5-Pocket Faux Wrap Scrub Top

This red wrap top makes the perfect addition to hospital scrubs.

Keswi’s Mira 5-pocket faux wrap scrub top adds personality and function to the traditional scrub shirt. The lines of the mock wrap top complement any body type while the zippered shoulder pocket provides secure storage for your ID card or credit card. The Mira women’s scrub top also has side vents to allow for greater movement as well as front and back princess seams for a flattering fit. 

Malibu V-Neck Scrub Top

This v-neck top acts as the perfect top for hospital scrubs.

The Malibu V-neck scrub top is sure to become a staple in your hospital scrubs rotation. The slightly curved V-neckline style provides a comfortable and professional look. The sleek pockets also ensure your essential gear is always within reach. 

Ventura Joggers

These joggers make for the most comfortable hospital scrubs.

Style your hospital scrubs with the most comfortable pair of scrub pants. Keswi’s Ventura joggers for the ladies have a tailored, slim fit to support you on the move. With the elastic waistband and sleek interior drawstring below the waistline, you’ll have no bulky cinching or bunching when securing your scrub pants in place. The two front and two back pockets offer plenty of storage without losing any athleisure style. 

Livia Multi-Pocket Straight Leg Pants

Woman puts her phone in her straight-legged hospital scrubs.

Keswi’s Livia multi-pocket straight leg pant will make all your pocket dreams come true. These women’s scrub pants have nine pockets, ensuring you’ll never run out of places to stash your necessities. The slim, straight pant leg will fall perfectly on your favorite pair of clogs or Skechers while the elastic waistband and drawstring provide secure comfort when you’re focused on your patients.

Ajax Henley Scrub Top

This blue men's hospital scrubs top is the perfect wardrobe addition for any doctor.

Move over Dickies and Carhartt – Kewsi is bringing men’s scrub fashion to the next level. The men’s Ajax henley top is sure to stand out in a sea of mediocre hospital scrubs. The easy snap buttons offer a little more breathing room if needed throughout the day. Two zippered pockets are the perfect place to store your ID or alcohol swabs without the worry of them falling out in a patient’s room. 

Ozark V-Neck Scrub Top

This men's v-neck hospital scrubs top is added to the must-have list.

If you’re more of a classic kind of guy, the Ozark V-neck men's scrub top has you covered. A simple V-neck cut paired with the right amount of well-placed pockets is the epitome of form and function. With a shoulder ID badge loop, you can make sure your ID is displayed without getting in your way (or getting caught on your stethoscope).

Bristol Jogger Scrub Pants

A man ties his shoes while wearing hospital scrubs.

The Bristol jogger scrub pant for guys combines athletic comfort and professional polish. The tailored fit of these joggers allows you to move freely without bulky pants getting in your way – or getting caught on IV poles. These joggers also have several pockets and even a concealed inner pocket to securely store your phone.

Glasgow Multi-Pocket Straight Leg Pants

A man reads a text while wearing hospital scrubs.

The Glasgow multi-pocket cargo pant has a relaxed fit without becoming too baggy. The nine pockets (as well as scissor slot and utility loops) ensure you have more than enough room to stock up for the day. Meanwhile, the elastic waistband and drawstring keep your pants in place even when you have to move fast on your feet. 

Finding the Best Hospital Scrubs Is Easy With Keswi

From their origin as a turn-of-the-century OR essential to their popularity as a practical solution for healthcare workers everywhere, hospital scrubs are here to stay. So why not find a scrub set you love?

There are many brands of hospital scrubs out there, from Wonderwink and Grey’s Anatomy by Barco to Cherokee Workwear and beyond. But some scrubs help you get the job done better than others. When looking for scrubs, focus on high-quality materials, sizes that cater to your body type, and silhouettes that merge both style and substance. You know better than anyone that the right scrubs will improve how you look and feel. 

That’s why Keswi scrubs are made with you in mind. Made from the softest and most durable materials, Keswi’s medical scrubs are also extremely easy to care for, wrinkle-free, stretchy in all the right places, and loaded with all the pockets you’ll ever need. With a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, you can feel confident that Keswi has you covered.

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