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Long Sleeve Scrubs: What To Consider When You Shop

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Having long sleeves as part of your nursing uniform is not a new concept. Wearing a long sleeved shirt under your scrubs (hello, underscrub!) is extremely common in healthcare. With hospitals typically running cooler than most other buildings, it’s no wonder nurses and healthcare workers often need a warmer layer beyond the typical short sleeve scrub top. 

Long sleeve medical scrubs are less common than short sleeve, but some nurses absolutely love them. The cozy factor as well as the convenience of only having one garment to wear (versus an underscrub and scrub top) make long sleeve scrubs a popular choice. Read on to learn more about long sleeve scrubs and features to look for when shopping for your next scrub set. 

Why Choose Long Sleeve Scrubs?

Long sleeve underscrubs, lab coats, and jackets are in demand, but what if you don’t want so many layers? This is where the lesser known long sleeve scrub top comes to the rescue.

For one thing, more layers means more clothes to wash. With long sleeve scrubs, you’ll no longer have four or five pieces of workwear to launder after every shift. (And we all know the last thing you want to do before running out the door to work is hunting down a scrub tee to wear under your scrub set.)

Long sleeve scrubs also help eliminate the need for a long sleeve underscrub or scrub jacket. Although a pullover, warm-up scrub jacket, or hoodie is cozy, it’s still one more thing to keep track of. Plus, long sleeve scrubs create a streamlined look to your uniform, eliminating any bulkiness that wearing multiple layers can create.

Another benefit is added coverage for your arms. Long sleeve scrubs are great for covering tattoos if your hospital regulations require it. 

According to the Travel Nurse Source, every hospital has slightly different policies when it comes to tattoos, which can impact scrub choices for many nurses. It’s always nice to have options in case your workplace requires you to cover tattoos on your arms — especially the forearms. 

Underscrub tops can cover tattoos as well, but if you don’t want the tighter sleeve that most underscrubs tend to feature, long sleeve scrubs are an ideal alternative. 

Some departments don’t allow layering with underscrubs as a matter of cleanliness. This makes long sleeve scrubs a great option when you need some extra warmth. These scrub tops can be harder to find because many brands don’t offer this elusive style, but there are still options. Here’s a quick rundown of what to look for when shopping for long sleeve scrubs. 

Multifunctional Materials

As with any scrubs, you want to make sure they’re made from high-quality materials that work with you. Since you most likely won’t wear a top underneath your long sleeve scrubs, finding a fabric that’s durable but soft to the touch is key.

Scrubs made from polyester can stand the test of time when it comes to durability. They’re tough enough to endure 12-hour shifts and multiple washes. But don’t assume durable means stiff and rough — polyester can also provide moisture wicking and wrinkle resistance.

Rayon is another quality material that adds the smooth feel of athletic clothing to scrubs. Rayon is lightweight, so you won’t feel like you’re being suffocated by your long sleeves. 

Last but not least, spandex adds some much needed stretch to scrubs. When you’re wearing long sleeves, you want to make sure you can still move and don’t feel like you’re in a four-point restraint as you pass out meds.

Keswi premium scrubs are made of a unique polyester, rayon, and spandex blend, bringing the best qualities of each material to your scrubs. The micro-peached finish and durable fabrics make them the softest and longest lasting around. When you wear scrubs that make you feel your best, your shift starts out on the right side of the hospital bed. 

Long Sleeve Styles

There are a few different styles when it comes to long sleeved scrubs. Butter-Soft scrubs has a unisex long sleeved scrub top that comes in 13 different colors. It has a V-neck and several pockets, including a shoulder pocket, to store all your nursing essentials. 

If you’re looking for a more feminine style, this long-sleeved scrub top has a fitted cut with a jewel neck detail around the notched neckline. The top has darting for a flattering shape and four large angled pockets to store your stethoscope and extra 4x4s. 

Butter-Soft also has a mock-wrap top with bracelet sleeves, meaning the sleeve stops right above the wrist where a bracelet would go. Of course, you don’t need to wear a bracelet to appreciate this length. Having a slightly shorter sleeve means no wet sleeves after washing your hands, and you can easily see your watch when you need to check med times or count respirations. 


Sizing is important when purchasing any style of scrubs, but when you have to factor in long sleeves, keep in mind that sleeve lengths can vary depending on the size. Most scrub tops include measurements or the chest and waist, but they don’t always mention sleeve length. This can make it more difficult to find your ideal size online, so the safest bet is to make sure you buy from a brand that has easy returns.

Having multiple sizes is helpful too. Avoid unisex one-size-fits-all whe possible to get the most accurate fit. (FYI, Keswi scrubs come in XS-3X for women and S-3X for men. This gives a wide variety of sizing so you always find your perfect fit.) 


The color of your scrubs depends on your personal preferences and potentially on your department policy. You can’t go wrong with black, pewter, or navy. These are universally flattering and timeless colors. But don’t discount bolder hues like teal or burgundy if you want to add some flair to your scrub set.

Keswi premium scrubs come in five colors: black, navy, royal blue, pewter, and wine. These are all great base colors for scrub pants, whether you prefer drawstring cargo pants or joggers. No matter what color you choose for your long sleeve scrub top, you can find a scrub pant to match.

Find Your Long Sleeve Scrub Top Today

Shopping for long sleeve scrubs can feel like a lonely road. You’re looking for medical uniform pieces that many healthcare professionals don’t even know exist. (But if you’re reading this, you’re ahead of the curve!) Still, finding functional and fashionable long sleeve scrub tops can still be a challenge. 

When shopping, make sure to look for scrub tops made from materials that combine comfort, function, and ease of care. Look for your best style and fit — either a comfy generously cut top or a more fitted silhouette. Also, don’t forget to check the sizing that caters to your body type and take color options into consideration. No matter what you do, you’ll be a pioneer in your unit rocking innovative scrub fashion.

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