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Top Tips for Finding the Best Maternity Scrubs 

Maternity Scrubs

You’re having a baby. Congrats! Whether you’re three months along or planning a pregnancy and want to get a head start on shopping, as a working nurse or healthcare worker you’re going to need some maternity scrubs. But what exactly should you get? From empire-waist scrub tops and stretchy-waist maternity pants to special compression socks and hosiery, having so many options can leave you paralyzed at the checkout counter (or webpage). 

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to pick out the best maternity scrubs. In this guide, you’ll learn what to look for when shopping for women’s maternity scrubs including fabric, fit, style, and other must-know features that will ensure you have workwear to keep you comfortable and confident during this exciting time.

Look for Multitasking Fabric Blends 

The material of your scrubs is arguably the most important factor of your uniform. And just like you’re a pro at multitasking, so should your scrubs. When you wear scrubs made from high-quality fabric blends, it will make life easier for you over the next nine months.

Cotton is great, but it wrinkles like crazy. Choosing a polyester scrub material can spare you the wrinkles, but this synthetic material isn’t known for being breathable. (And if you haven’t figured it out yet, being pregnant makes you feel hot all the time.)

Between the hormones and increased blood volume, wearing a breathable fabric is a must. Rayon has that perfect moisture-wicking ability, and when it’s combined with polyester, it’s a win-win for a cooling, comfortable experience. (It really comes in handy during those pregnancy hot flashes.) 

Another material you definitely can’t forget when it comes to maternity wear is spandex – after all, you’ll need plenty of stretch when you have a growing baby bump. Keswi premium scrubs are made from a special blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex to ensure you get the best features of these fabrics. Plus, Keswi’s unique four-way stretch offers just enough “give” so you can do your job without feeling like you’re about to burst.

Of course, you also want to look out for soft yet durable fabrics that feel good on your skin and won’t rip at the seams. Keswi’s micro-peached finish is the softest around, so you’ll feel comfy and cozy all shift long. Plus, the durable material means they’re built to last even after multiple washes.

As your pregnancy continues, you’ll need to adapt to the changes in your body. You want to make sure you find a maternity scrub style that makes you feel comfortable and helps you get through your busy day. 

Along with choosing the right fabrications for your maternity scrubs, focus on the silhouette. Chances are you don’t want to feel like you’re wearing a shapeless sheet, but you also don’t want anything too constricting.

There are many different styles of scrub tops and pants to help you feel your best and maintain a professional image. Consider the following when shopping for maternity scrubs:

  • Empire waist tops offer a drapey shape, giving your belly plenty of room to grow
  • Mock wrap tops help frame your belly and offer shape-flattering angles for an urbane look
  • V-neck tops help you keep from feeling constrained or overheated
  • Straight-leg pants allow for wiggle room while maintaining professional straight lines
  • Jogger pants allow for movement with any risk of tripping over your pant legs 

Choosing the right size to fit your changing shape is also key to keeping you comfy and confident. (Because no one likes an elastic waist digging into their sides!)

No matter what size you are during your pregnancy, Keswi has you covered with sizes from X-small to 3X. What’s more, Keswi scrub pants come in petite sizes, which is perfect for expectant moms who would otherwise have to deal with longer leg inseams.

While size is important for obvious reasons, scrub color is also important. Not only is it an extension of your personality, but it’s essential to comply with your dress code and complete your professional look. 

Keswi scrubs come in five versatile colors that are sure to meet any dress code specifications: black, pewter, royal blue, navy blue, and wine. If your workplace allows for a little fun with fashion, you can easily mix and match your Keswi scrub staples with a variety of colorful or print scrubs. (Dickies Dynamix has some cute print tops.) 

Lab coats and scrub jackets layer wonderfully over Keswi scrubs too, or even a Cherokee Workwear vest, which can keep you cozy when you have a growing belly underneath.

As the cornerstone of your professional image, scrubs can help your personality shine through while keeping you comfortable throughout your shift. From timeless classics to modern inspiration, Keswi has scrub options no matter where you are in your pregnancy. 

Malibu V-neck scrub top

For a classic yet comfortable look, the Malibu V-neck scrub top has you covered. Although the Cherokee Flexibles line has options with stretch panels, this look might not be your thing. The delicately curved V-neck of the Malibu top allows for plenty of wiggle room whether you’re putting it on or taking it off.

This solid scrub top also features four front pockets with top and side openings for easy storage of snacks (and your Littmann stethoscope). There’s even a concealed cell phone pocket for secure storage of your phone, ID, or extra cash. 

Keswi Mira faux wrap top can be worn as maternity scrubs

If you’re looking for a little more character in your maternity scrub top but don’t want to go full Tooniforms, the Mira maternity mock wrap top is a great style to complement your shape in any trimester. The angled pockets allow plenty of storage without looking bulky. There’s even a zippered shoulder pocket to securely store your ID or credit card for safe keeping. 

The faux wrap top gently frames your belly, or if you prefer to keep your growing bump more subdued, buying a size up allows the scrub top to fall naturally. Keswi’s signature four-way stretch and vented side panels also ensure you’ll feel comfortable no matter what the day brings. 

Livia scrub cargo pants

Keswi’s Livia straight leg scrub pants will keep all of your essentials within reach thanks to six conveniently placed pockets. But these aren’t your average pair of maternity cargo pants. The Livia pant has an elastic waist and drawstring to make sure your pants always stay at optimum comfort level. The tailored straight leg pant will fall perfectly on your favorite pair of Danskos. 

There are also two back pockets (which you don’t usually see with scrub pants) to store your work supplies and morning sickness-fighting snacks. Having a place to keep them close by will help keep you on track throughout your 12-hour shift. 

Maternity scrubs: Ventura jogger scrub pants

Safety is a huge factor when it comes to pregnancy – especially regarding falls. If you’re having trouble seeing your feet, you probably can’t see the cuff of your scrub pants either. This makes boot-cut or flare-leg scrub pants problematic. 

Keswi’s Ventura jogger scrub pants help reduce the risk of tripping without compromising the cozy factor. This athleisure-style scrub pant brings a sporty yet polished look to the hospital floor. A bonus feature is the brushed cuff pant leg, which is perfect for showing off your favorite pair of socks, clogs, Skechers, or any athletic shoes. So even if you can’t see your feet, others can enjoy your style for you!

The Ventura joggers have an elastic waist and a drawstring for extra security. The drawstring is located below your natural waistline making it the perfect pant to dip below your growing belly. 

Pregnancy is an exciting time as you wait for your new arrival, but it also can feel uncomfortable at times. And when you’re a healthcare worker on the hunt for the best maternity scrubs, well, it can seem downright overwhelming. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure you pick the right uniform that suits your needs.

Be sure to look for scrubs made with high-quality materials (particularly multitasking fabric blends) that offer special features like moisture-wicking and stretch. Finding the right shape and size will also keep you feeling good and as active as possible. And of course, opt for colors that are always work-appropriate and have a little fun with color (when you can).

While there are plenty of print scrubs to choose from, Keswi solid scrubs are an ideal choice to help you feel your best and maintain your personal style throughout your pregnancy. And as an added bonus, since Keswi scrubs aren’t technically maternity scrubs, you can wear these tops or maternity scrub pants anytime. Seriously, don’t be surprised if you find yourself lounging in these comfy scrubs while watching “Grey’s Anatomy” reruns before, during, and after your pregnancy. 

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