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The Most Comfortable Scrubs: How To Pick the Perfect Pair

A woman puts on the most comfortable scrubs.

When looking for the best scrubs, what do you focus on first (other than Prime delivery on Amazon)? 

Is it style? If something has a flattering fit or cool cut, maybe that makes you feel ready to take on the tasks ahead — and therefore more comfortable. What about fabric? Surely your comfiest outfit is made of cozy material. How about sizing? There’s nothing comfortable about tripping over pant legs that are too long! Or maybe you focus on function, looking for features like multiple pockets, zippers, and adjustable drawstrings. 

Chances are, it’s not just one thing — it’s a combination of factors. Finding comfortable scrubs can be a challenge in the world of online shopping, though. With many brands claiming to be the most comfortable, durable, or stylish, it’s often hard to separate the noise from the facts. That’s where we come in. 

To help you find the most comfortable scrubs, we’ve compiled this guide to walk you through the most important elements to consider. Material, sizing, and fit are all essential, but so is durability and how easy (or difficult) it is to take care of your scrubs. We’ll also share some must-have scrub set options so you can find the comfiest set to keep you going all shift long.


The key to choosing the most comfortable scrubs is material. A high-quality fabric blend can make the difference between medical scrubs you tolerate versus scrubs you love to wear every day. 

Cotton is nice, but it’s prone to severe wrinkling and doesn’t always have the best weight to keep you warm when the hospital AC is on full blast. Polyester has a rep for not being the most breathable fabric, but when paired with other materials like rayon, the combination makes for a fresh-feeling, wrinkle-free experience. (Sort of like getting Botox, perhaps?)

Keswi nursing scrubs are made of a premium blend of 74% polyester, 20% rayon, and 6% spandex. While this may sound like another run of the mill polyblend, it’s anything but. Thanks to this carefully crafted mix of fabrications, Keswi medical scrubs offer the perfect amount of stretch and are soft as can be.


Kewsi scrubs are thick enough to keep you warm during those cooler days on the unit, but not so heavy that you heat up and need your temperature taken. Whether you’re running a code or enjoying a rare calm night on the floor, you can be confident your scrubs will keep your body temp just right.

Durable and Easy Care

As mentioned, polyester is well-known for being wrinkle-resistant, not to mention one of the most durable and easy-care fabrics out there. It’s no surprise then that Keswi scrubs are built to last, even after numerous washes. (And after 12-hour shifts day after day, your scrubs will need some serious washing.)

Breathability and Moisture-Wicking

News flash: Cotton isn’t the only breathable fabric in town. As long as you have the right combination of expertly crafted materials, you can have that carefree, fresh feeling.

Moisture-wicking materials pull moisture away from the skin and onto the exterior of the fabric, making it easier to evaporate. Keswi scrubs offer moisture-wicking to keep your cool from the emergency room to the ICU.

Soft and Stretchy

When looking for the most comfortable scrubs, they gotta have softness and stretch. After all, you can’t afford to be swaddled in constricting materials that keep you from performing your lifesaving moves.

Keswi premium scrubs have just enough “give” in all the right places thanks to a touch of spandex and the fabulous four-way stretch. And with the ultra-soft micro-peached finish, these luscious scrubs are the absolute softest you’ll ever have. Stretchy and soft? Yes and yes!


When searching for a medical scrub set, don’t forget that finding the right size is crucial. You can find the cutest scrub top and scrub pants, but if they won’t fit – they won’t work! Keswi scrubs come in a wide range of sizes for both women and men, from XS to 3X plus size. Keswi scrub pants also come in regular and petite lengths, so you’ll never have to worry about tripping over your pants again.

Scrub Set Style

Finding a pair of scrubs that has a flattering fit will also make you feel comfortable. When you’re confident you look your best, everything else seems a little easier. Rather than generic unisex styles, Keswi scrubs have flattering fits for both women and men. 

Women’s Scrubs

For the ladies, you can’t go wrong with the options Keswi has to offer. Keep in mind that these styles come in a variety of colors to suit your dress code or mood.

Mira Faux-Wrap Top

One of the most comfortable scrub tops for women is pictured.

The Mira five-pocket mock wrap scrub top is stylish and functional. The faux wrap top adds a level of style without compromising comfort. Meanwhile, the multiple pockets will save you time from running all over the unit searching for alcohol swabs – the ultimate comfort win.

Malibu V-Neck

This versatile black scrub top is a part of the most comfortable scrub sets.

For a timeless look that’s always on point, Keswi has you covered with the Malibu V-neck scrub top. This top makes for one of the most comfortable scrubs thanks to its non-constricting cut, plus it helps you maintain a professional look. The front pockets also add the essential feature of storing all your tools of the trade without looking bulky or weighed down. 

Livia Scrub Pants

A woman poses in the most comfortable scrubs bottoms.

To create a classic and cozy scrub set, pair the Malibu V-neck scrub top with the Livia multi-pocket scrub pants. With nine pockets total (yes, you read that right), you’ll never be stuck in an isolation room without an extra saline flush. (It might be the most comfortable feature!) The sleek straight scrub pant leg and soft drawstring waistband combine comfort and professionalism.

Ventura Jogger Scrub Pants

A woman poses in a blue pair of the most comfortable scrubs bottoms.

If you’re someone who likes to have variety in their scrubs closet, jogger scrub pants might be the most comfortable pair you’ll ever own. Keswi’s Ventura Jogger scrub pant offer a slim, tailored fit that’ll give your skinny jeans a run for their money as the coolest pair of pants.

With a sleek, elongated look and elasticated cuff at the ankle, these joggers are sure to keep you comfortable and fashionable all day long. They may even be more comfortable than your favorite yoga pants. (Sorry, Lululemon. We win.)

Men’s Scrubs

There’s no need for guys to feel left out when it comes to Keswi’s most comfortable scrubs. These premium picks come in four different styles.

Ozark V-Neck

This mens scrub top is on the list as one of the most comfortable scrubs.

The classic Ozark V-neck scrub top will keep you comfortable and stylish thanks to a relaxed neckline and a generous (but not too big) fit.

Ajax Henley

A men's scrub top in red is added to the list of most comfortable scrubs.

The Ajax scrub top will set you apart from your fellow healthcare pros thanks to its unique henley neckline. With three buttons, you have the flexibility to make sure you’re comfortable and looking your best. You can button them up all the way for a polished look or have a few unbuttoned with a pop of color showing through with an undershirt. The Ajax scrub top has a sleek zippered chest pocket to comfortably store your ID, cash, and cards.

Glasgow Straight-Leg Scrub Pants

A man poses in the most comfortable scrubs.

To round out the most comfortable offerings for men, there are two cozy styles. The Glasgow straight-leg scrub pants are a classic look with tons of pockets, too. The combined elastic and drawstring waist will ensure your cargo scrub pants stay in place and the nine pockets make sure you’re never without 4x4s or a piece of gum.

Bristol Joggers

A pair of men's green joggers are added to the list of most comfortable scrubs.

Keswi’s Bristol Jogger scrub pant is the epitome of comfort and style for men’s workwear. The tapered leg and comfortable elasticated ankle allow you to move freely even in the tiniest hospital rooms. Plus, the soft elastic waist looks tailored without being constricting. 

The Most Comfortable Scrubs for You

At the end of the day, the best scrubs are usually the most comfortable scrubs. Your medical uniform should work with you, not against you.

Kewsi scrubs combine the best features to create the most comfortable scrubs. By using quality materials, Kewsi offers you the chance to enjoy a breathable, durable, and easy to care for uniform. Every item is also stretchy and loaded with pockets to keep you in motion and on track during your day. 

When you wear scrubs as a medical professional, you don't need couture – you need comfort. Fortunately, unlike other scrub brands, Keswi lets you have both.

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