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10 Nursing Student Gifts for Your Favorite Future RN

Nursing student gifts

 Nursing school is far from easy and becoming a registered nurse certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. While it’s a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor, any nursing student will tell you it’s also incredibly challenging. 

To brighten up your favorite nurse-to-be’s day, we’ve created this list of the best nursing student gifts. Whether it's a birthday gift, graduation gift, Nurses Week token, or ‘just because’ gift, every nursing student could use a little extra love from time to time. Future healthcare workers need very specific things when it comes to school and there are also a few unexpected items that will make their day easier.

Nursing Student Gifts: 10 Ideas They’ll Love

You may have noticed that your favorite nursing student seems to have a pair of blinders on when it comes to anything unrelated to studies. Nursing students spend all their available time and energy on school, clinicals, writing SOAP notes, and preparing for simulations. This makes thinking of tiny additions like a tote bag or pair of scissors seem like a luxury they don’t have time to grab. Here are some of the best gifts nursing students will appreciate (and actually use).

1. Nursing Scrubs 

Keswi scrubs make great nursing gifts

Most nursing students have a uniform provided (or at least required) by their nursing school, but rest assured they can’t wait until they can wear their own threads. Gifting a scrub set to a nursing student is a great way to help them stay focused on the finish line. 

Keswi premium scrubs offer dynamic options for new nurses who want to stand apart after being a nursing student duckling for so long. They come in a wide variety of sizes (XS–3X for women, S-3X for men) and five solid colors. They’re also the softest scrubs around made with a micro-peached finish that’s also durable and wrinkle resistant. The four-way stretch also levels up the comfort factor to survive those notoriously long shifts.

You can choose from the classic V-neck top or get something with more detail like the mock wrap women’s top or henley men’s top. Joggers and timeless straight leg pants are available for both men and women. What’s more, all Keswi scrubs have well-appointed pockets and loops so your favorite RN-to-be can keep track of penlights, Band-Aids, and reference cards. 

2. Stethoscope

Stethoscopes make great nursing gifts

Every nurse needs a stethoscope. Nursing students use stethoscopes to assess vital signs and listen to their patient’s heart, lungs, and bowel sounds. Littmann stethoscopes are the gold standard when it comes to this essential tool. They’re high quality, made to last, and you can personalize them with color, engraving, or ID tags.

3. Forceps 

Forceps aren’t just for surgeons. Nurses use them all the time to help loosen up tight IV tubing or to clamp off tubes in a pinch. They’re something a nursing student might wish they had but just won’t bother to get. (Forceps are considered an “extra” when it comes to supplies. They’re not required, but a really “nice to have.”) Forceps, like this classic Prestige pair, are a great idea for a graduation gift. 

4. Nursing Scissors

Nursing scissors are another tool every nursing student should have. Whether cutting a bandage off or shaping a gauze pad to the perfect size, no RN wants to be searching for the dull unit scissors. Getting your favorite nursing student a fun pair like these with a butterfly print on them can add some extra flare to this stainless steel essential. 

5. ID Badge Reel

Nursing student IDs all look the same – they have the school name, your name, and STUDENT in giant letters. Gifting a fun ID badge reel or holder is a way for a nursing student to stand out and have a little fun. (Just make sure they’re allowed to per their dress code before buying.) If they’re allowed to have a little flare, this llama badge reel is adorable.

6. Gift Cards

Nursing school is expensive and it goes beyond the typical fees, books, and tuition. Nursing students often have to travel quite a distance to their clinical sites which create hidden costs that can add up. 

They have to pay for their own gas and lunches onsite, not to mention the countless cups of coffee for those early morning drives. Gift cards to their favorite coffee shop, gas station, or a general card that can be used anywhere will be extremely helpful and appreciated. 

7. Nursing Bag

Vera Bradley nursing tote

Nursing school isn’t like other programs where you go to the same building each day for classes. Nursing students tend to go to up to five locations each week – the classroom, simulation lab, regular lab, and two clinical locations. 

A quality nursing bag that helps them stay organized and makes their mornings easier is the perfect nursing student gift. You can purchase a large style like this quilted Vera Bradley tote bag that can hold their laptop, planner, lunch box, and a few snacks. Or if you know they already have a large bag, you can give them a nicely insulated lunch box to keep their yogurt, cheese, or sparkling water cold. 

8. Tumbler (for Coffee, Water, or Wine)

Along the same lines as a nursing bag or lunch box, a well insulated and durable tumbler is an excellent nursing student gift. They’re reusable, efficient, and easy to travel with, plus they can be personalized as a unique gift. 

Instead of a basic coffee mug, give a new nursing grad an insulated stainless-steel tumbler to hold their coffee whether they start out on the early or night shift. A one-gallon water bottle ensures your favorite nursing student always has some H20 at the ready – especially during a stressful day passing medications with their preceptor. 

And who doesn’t love a nice personalized wine glass to help wind down after exams? Etsy has some gems like this insulated wine tumbler that says “Surviving Nursing School One Sip at a Time.”

9. Compression Socks

Compression socks or compression hose are among the most practical nursing student gifts. Getting used to standing on their feet for 12 hours takes some practice and can result in sore feet and legs. 

Compression socks can help reduce achy legs and reduce the symptoms caused by varicose veins, and thankfully there are some stylish options out there now. Cuvu compression socks have great designs (and compression levels) that are as functional as they are fun. Cuvu socks are also affordable, so you can grab a few pairs or give your nursing student a gift card so they can pick out their favorites. 

10. Cozy Hoodie

Nursing students spend a lot of time studying and going back and forth to different locations. Student nurses also spend a lot of time in stressful situations from taking exams and participating in simulations to getting feedback from professors and learning to deal with patients. 

Wrapping up in a soft and welcoming hoodie can provide some much-needed comfort to their day. The Butter Soft Pullover Hoodie is perfect for reassuring coziness and for those late-night cram sessions reviewing EKG rhythm strips.

Show Them You Care With These Nursing Student Gift Ideas

Future healthcare heroes need TLC just like our current healthcare heroes. The stress of exams, preceptors, and clinical rotations creates an entirely new level of stress on top of the whole nursing thing. 

Nursing students need functional and practical items to get through their semester. A personalized tumbler, stethoscope, or nursing tote bag will help them keep track of things throughout the week while a cozy hoodie and pair of scrubs will help make the long shifts worth it. 

Buying a nursing student a gift shows them you see how hard they’re working and you support their dreams. As cliché as it sounds, little considerations go a long way to encourage your special nursing student to keep on going.

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