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Pediatric Scrubs: How to Find a Set You (and the Kids) Love

pediatric scrubs: Nurse wearing scrubs and an eye shield against a white background

If you’re a healthcare worker who spends your days hanging out with pint-sized patients, you probably have a pretty fun time. Working in pediatrics takes the perfect blend of focus, fun, and flexibility, so why would you expect any less from your pediatric scrubs?

Pediatric nurses and healthcare workers fill their days in a variety of settings, from free-standing children’s hospitals and community centers to local schools. As such, picking out a pediatric scrub set involves more than picking your favorite Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, or Sesame Street character. It's about choosing a medical uniform that adapts to whatever your day or location looks like so you're always comfortable and prepared. And that means finding scrubs with the right materials, styles, and mix of prints and solid colors.

To that end, check out our guide to finding the best pediatric scrubs so you can get back to planning your next IV pump magic show and put a smile on your little patients' faces. 

Materials Matter

Whether you start your day when the homeroom bell rings or when a child comes through the ER doors, you need a scrub set made of durable materials that will last. While cotton is a popular option, you likely already know it wrinkles like crazy and isn’t ideal for moisture-wicking.

On the other hand, polyester has come a long way from its early disco days. This versatile textile ensures your scrub set lasts wash after wash and provides the perfect weight. Rayon is another fabric that’s light enough to be breathable but not too flimsy. Our Keswi premium scrubs are made of a special polyester, rayon, spandex blend that’s not only wrinkle-resistant, but also has a four-way stretch (which comes in handy when you’re playing a serious game of hide and seek).

Rounding out this great blend of multifunctioning fabrics, Keswi scrubs also have a micro-peached finish so you never have to worry about rough scrubs irritating a newborn’s delicate cheeks while you do your assessment. 

Styles to Please the Ages

pediatric scrubs: Woman wearing jogger scrubs with her hand in her back pocket

Medical scrubs don’t have to be boring. There are different styles and cuts to please every peds nurse and peds patient. There’s the classic V-neck, which is easy to get on and off and helps elongate your neck. If you don’t want to worry about wearing an underscrub for extra coverage, try a V-neck with a slightly curved neck like Keswi’s Malibu V-neck or tuck-in top. For the fellas, the Ozark V-neck scrub top has the same slight curve to the neckline for extra room and comfort. 

If you’re someone who prefers a little something more original in the fashion department, the Mira mock-wrap scrub top adds a flattering, tailored fit as well as a seamless wrap look. Our men’s Ajax henley scrub top has a three-button snap front at the collar for a custom fit. 

Whether you’re hanging out on the playground with the little ones or assisting in a complicated surgery, having a scrub top that isn't bunchy or ill-fitting is a must. Plus, you can always consider layering your uniform with a lab coat or scrub jacket when things get chilly. 

When it comes to nursing scrub pants, look for a pair that has the perfect balance of wiggle room and security when hanging with kiddos all day. Working in pediatrics requires crouching, picking up, snuggling, playing tag, and lots of moving around, so the last thing you want to worry about is whether your pants will stay put. 

At Keswi, our men’s scrub pants and women’s scrub pants have an elasticated waist as well as a drawstring. The Ventura and Livia women's scrub pants have a flat front for a more polished look, but the back is elasticated and there’s a hidden interior drawstring for a secure fit. 

In addition to a secure waist, wearing scrub pants with a fitted ankle means no tripping over your pant legs as you conduct an impromptu concert featuring the incentive spirometer in room 9. Joggers are a pediatric nurse’s best friend. They’re comfortable and functional when you have to be on your toes (or watch out for tiny toes). 

Keswi offers both men’s jogger scrubs and women’s jogger scrubs in a variety of sizes, with petite lengths for the ladies, too.

Pockets for Meds, Gloves, and Elsa Bandaids

Woman wearing scrubs and looking inside her pocket

There are limitless reasons why nurses need pockets, but when it comes to pediatrics, you have even more reasons to have plenty of pockets. Many pediatric nurses default to wearing a T-shirt to be more approachable, but casual tees aren't very tactical when it comes to pockets.

Not only do you need pockets for all of your nursing supplies, medications, and calculator for all of your weight-based dosing, but you also need pockets for fun Band-Aids, snacks, and magic tricks for your little patients. 

At Keswi, we know the power of well-appointed pockets and this is why both our scrub tops and pants have pockets galore. The Mira faux wrap top has five pockets (four large angled front pockets and one sleeve pocket) and the Malibu V-neck has four pockets, one which is a hidden mesh pocket perfect for your cell phone, as well as two pen pockets on the sleeve. The men’s Ajax henley has zippered pockets on both the sleeve and chest for secure storage. 

What’s more, Keswi scrub pants have roomy pockets that are perfect for storing everything from your stethoscope to inflated glove puppet. All you have to do is decide whether you prefer front pockets, jean-style back pockets, deep cargo pants, or a mix. Every pair also features a concealed power mesh pocket to stash your phone (or your favorite after-lunch candy). 

Print Scrub Top or Classic Solids?

Working in pediatrics means deciding if you want to sport an adorable Snoopy Cherokee Tooniforms scrub top, animal print, or stick to a solid color. Luckily, you get to make this choice every day you get ready for work so there’s no need to pick sides. Maybe you're not feeling cartoon scrubs one day, or your patient breaks the news that Minions or Pooh just aren't trendy anymore. 

Creating a wardrobe that will accommodate your mood, whim, or peds floor theme makes sure you’re always feeling good in your pediatric scrubs. Having pieces that you can mix and match is also helpful. Pediatric offices love a good theme week, so having scrubs to accommodate everything from Valentine's Day to Halloween is key. But you don't have to fill your closet with holiday scrubs, Disney scrubs, or Hello Kitty if that's not your vibe. 

Keswi offers five timeless colors – black, royal blue, navy blue, pewter (gray), and wine. These colors can be mixed and matched together or paired with your favorite cartoon top. Black and wine will match nearly any classic Disney color palette, and the blues and pewter will blend seamlessly with all things Frozen. 

Find Your Next Pair of Pediatric Scrubs Today

Shopping for pediatric scrubs can be a bit challenging when you have to consider function and comfort as well as appealing to your tiny critics. Thankfully, Keswi has you covered with stylish and functional scrub sets to appeal to audiences of any age. Whether you use a pop of color in your scrub top, ID badge, or compression socks, bringing professional comfort to the peds floor is what we’re all about. For more helpful tips, don't miss our Keswi blog.
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