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Plus-Size Scrubs: How To Find Your Best Fit

plus size scrubs: Keswi medical scrubs

It can be tough to find the right size when shopping for scrubs, particularly if you’re looking for plus-size scrubs. If you only pay attention to size, it can leave you wishing you’d made another choice. Maybe the mock-wrap top isn’t your style or the waist doesn’t sit the way you’d like?

Scrubs typically come in general sizes (S,M,L), but those aren’t the most inclusive options. Fortunately, you don't have to default to a uniform that’s too small, way too big, or a shapeless unisex scrub size. Use this guide for top tips on choosing the best plus-size scrubs so you never feel like you need to hide under a lab coat.

How To Shop For Plus-Size Scrubs

There are a few key things to keep in mind when shopping for plus-size scrubs online. First, you want to choose high-quality materials made to last and keep you comfortable. You also want to think about the various scrub styles. The neckline, waistline, and scrub pant silhouette all make a difference in how you look and feel in your scrubs. 

Read the Fabric Label

Materials make a difference in how your scrubs fit and feel. Choosing scrubs made from a blend of fabrics is often the best way to go. By using various materials, you can get the best features of each fabric. 

For example, cotton is comfortable but it holds moisture and wrinkles terribly. Polyester is great because it’s durable, wrinkle-free, and moisture-wicking. Scrubs made with rayon, a fabric commonly used in athletic clothing, are both lightweight and breathable. 

Spandex can save the workday by bringing you all-over stretch. Scrubs made with spandex aren’t stiff and don’t pull on you as you’re reaching over to cancel a call light or grab something on the bottom shelf of the supply room.

Keswi scrubs are a premium line of scrubs (including plus-size scrubs) made with a special polyblend that combines polyester, rayon, and spandex. By using a unique polyblend, Keswi scrubs last wash after wash while maintaining their soft micro-peached finish. The four-way stretch means your scrubs move with you as you work through your shift. 

Keswi brings you a durable, breathable, moisture-wicking, and comfortable scrub set you’ll happily wear shift after shift. You’re a non-stop multitasker, so there’s no reason your scrubs shouldn’t be too. 

Consider the Neckline

The neckline of your scrub top can make a difference in how comfortable you feel. There are several options to choose from ranging fromV-necks, crewnecks, or a combination of both like Keswi’s women’s rounded V-neck style. 

V-neck scrub tops are nice because they’re non-restricting. But you may need to wear a T-shirt or underscrub to avoid being too revealing when bending across a patient to grab their TV remote. 

V-neck tops also add a flattering angle and elongate your decolletage. Cherokee Workwear’s V-neck three-pocket scrub top is a great option if you prefer this neckline. 

Round scrub necklines (also called crewnecks) are another popular option. They tend to offer the most coverage, which is especially helpful if you have a larger bust. After all, you don’t want to worry about how low your neckline is while busily changing a bed or passing meds. A round-neck scrub top provides a comfy solution for this.

plus size scrubs: nurse holding a CT scan result

Keswi combines these two popular necklines by bringing a rounded V-neck to both scrub top styles. The short-sleeve Malibu multi-pocket top and Mira faux-wrap scrub top have rounded V-necklines which provide extra room for comfort and are also less of a plunging neckline when compared to traditional V-neck tops. 

There are other necklines available if you’re looking for some extra details. Koi Lite has a double zippered neckline to add a fun accent. Other options include a scalloped neckline, polo neckline, and full-length button downs or henleys, which feature just a few buttons or snaps at the top.

Scrub Top Fit and Waistline 

The overall fit or style of your scrub top can help create flattering lines. Princess seams or darts create a feminine silhouette without being constricting. Princess seams are made of a full seam, creating a continuous line down the garment, whereas darts are small folds in the top to shape and contour the look. Many scrub tops have both or one of these features to create an appealing shape without the discomfort of a corset! 

Mock wrap scrubs (also called faux wrap scrub tops) create a slimming effect by accentuating the waistline with lines angled in towards the waist. Certain scrub tops have a drawstring at the waist so you can adjust the waist as needed for a tailored look. 

Some scrubs have longer waists that are meant to either be tucked in or out. This is great for a more curvy shape to ensure coverage (here’s an example from Grey’s Anatomy scrubs). Scrub tops with side slits at the bottom allow for a more comfortable fit and provide easy access to your pant pockets to grab an alcohol swab at the last minute. 

Things to Consider When Picking Your Scrub Pants 

Keswi scrub pants Finding the right plus-size scrub pants can also be challenging. Trying to find the right cut so you’re comfortable in your scrubs is key. 

High-waist or “natural” waist scrub pants allow for more coverage when compared to low-rise scrub pants, so make sure you look at where the waist sits in the product description.

Drawstring scrub pants are convenient and comfortable because they’re more adjustable than elasticated waists. That said, they also run the risk of untying or loosening up as you wear them. 

Dickies has a cargo pant with a drawstring waist that comes in sizes up to 5X as well as petite and long lengths. Elastic waistbands are the easiest to put on and take off and also can flex with your body throughout your shift, providing optimal comfort. 

Keswi’s Livia straight-leg pants have both a hidden drawstring and elastic waistband. You can have the security of the drawstring but also some flex in the waist. This way, no matter what you store in these cargo scrub pants, you can be confident the waist stays put.

Scrub pants that have a flat front waistband (rather than the elastic waist bunchiness) also creates a smooth and polished look. Another thing to look for is pocket placement on the scrub pants. Angled pockets that appear smaller but have just as much room create a seamless look. Large back pockets may look bulky filled with supplies, so roomy cargo pockets may be better. 

If joggers are more your style rather than the classic fit of a straight leg, you can’t go wrong with Keswi drawstring joggers that come in sizes up to 3X for both women and men. Ultimately, scrub selection comes down to finding the pants that make you feel your best and also help you do your valuable job without interference. 

Print Scrubs vs. Solid Scrubs

Print scrub tops and patterned tops can create visual appeal — take a look at fun designs like this Barco One tie-dye inspired women’s scrub top. The vertical lines help elongate your waist and create a streamlined silhouette. 

You want to pay attention to the type of graphic on the scrub top too. Prints and patterns also look great under a scrub jacket or zip-front warm-up jacket to add an extra pop of color to your uniform.

Solid colors abide by most uniform dress codes and create an overall professional look compared to print scrubs. Matching the colors of your solid scrub top and scrub pants gives an elongated look to your scrub set – creating the illusion of extra height. 

Keswi scrubs come in five classic solid colors and sizes XS–3X for women with pants available in regular and petite lengths. Men’s scrubs are available in S-3X. 

Get the Best Size for Your Body Type

Most medical scrubs brands will have the measurements listed in the fine print. The best way to ensure you get the right size is to look at what they’re measuring (bust, waist, inseam, etc.) and grab a tape measure to determine your measurements.

Keep in mind that sizing isn’t universal across all brands. Grey’s Anatomy Signature’s 3X top may be different from Heartsoul’s 3X or Cherokee scrubs top, so always look for the specific measurements listed for each garment to find your best size. 

Find Your Next Pair of Plus-Size Scrubs Today

Online scrub shopping can be frustrating and end with multiple trips to the post office for returns if you’re quick to grab whatever is on the bestseller list. But it doesn’t have to be.

From your scrub top neckline to scrub pants waistline, think about which designs best complement your body type and style. Always look for multitasking materials to ensure a quality and comfortable piece of clothing. Also, make sure you know your measurements so you can double-check the sizing of the garment to get the right fit. 

Keeping these key elements in mind while shopping online can make finding your next pair of plus-size scrubs a breeze.

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