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Scrub Pants for Women: 4 Top Buying Tips

Keswi scrub pants for women close up

Scrub pants are an essential uniform item for most healthcare workers, although they sometimes feel like both a blessing and a curse. “Oh look, you’re practically wearing pajamas or yoga pants to work! How lucky!” say your non-scrub wearing friends.

Yes, scrub pants often look like the most comfy work attire ever, but you know that finding the best pair can be a challenge. Fortunately, this medical attire has come a long way from the unisex scrub pants that offer virtually no fit or fashionable flair. Still, the options can make it feel impossible to go from first click to checkout page when shopping for these workwear bottoms. 

You don’t want them too tight, constricting your waist and interfering with your range of motion. You also don’t want them too baggy or loose as most scrub pants for women don’t have an option for a trendy belt to keep them from sliding out of place. 

Beyond the right size, there are other factors to determine if your scrub pants are in fact as comfortable as they appear. This guide will help you create a checklist of what to look for when shopping the latest new arrivals for the perfect pair of women’s scrub pants. 

1. Look for the Best Fabrics

Like most clothing, scrub pant materials are key to how long they’ll last and how long you want to wear them. The best scrubs are made with a blend of high quality materials to combine form and function. 

Polyester provides durability and wrinkle resistance to scrub pants, which means they’ll survive wash after wash and still look good. No more ironing long awkward pant legs before a 12-hour shift. Polyester is also moisture-wicking to help you maintain a comfy body temperature during hectic shift changes. 

Rayon also helps with temperature control with its lightweight feel. And above all else, when shopping for scrub pants for women, a nice amount of spandex stretch is a must. Spandex can stretch time after time and still return to its original shape. This means you can move with ease as you reach across a patient to scan their armband.

Keswi premium scrubs combine these three great fabrics in every scrub top and bottom. Our scrub pants provide the right amount of weight to keep you comfortable because nothing’s worse than wearing paper-thin scrub pants and feeling a breeze when you’re trying to check a patient’s vitals. Our scrubs offer a micro-peached finish making them the softest around and the four-way stretch to keep you on the move. 

2. Find Your Style

Once you’ve found some scrubs made with a good mix of functional materials, you want to look for some specifics when it comes to style and fit. There are two key parts of every pair of pants – the waist and the pant leg. Thankfully, there are several options to choose from so no matter your body shape or personal style, you can find a pair that looks like it was meant for you. 


Keswi scrub pants for women

Traditionally, unisex single-drawstring scrub pants have been the standard. It makes sense from a practicality or production standpoint, but having to bunch up the fabric around your waist to make it fit isn’t always the most flattering or convenient. 

What’s more, the fit of your waistband can change depending on whether you’re standing or sitting (or leaning or crouching over a hospital bed). Combine that with a tucked-in underscrub top – like these Healing Hands Purple Label tops – and you have a bunched-up mess. 

Elastic waists are nice because you get all the wiggle room you need within reason. There are no drawstrings to get knotted up or buttons to deal with. If you prefer an elastic waistband only, Cherokee WorkWear makes a utility elastic waist scrub pant. 

Many scrub pants now have an elastic waist as well as a drawstring. This gives you the best of both worlds and allows some wiggle room while you work. Keswi scrub pants for women have an elastic waist on the back of the garment and flat front to avoid any bunchiness. The drawstring is also hidden on the interior so there’s no risk of getting them caught on an IV pole. 

Along with an elastic waistband and drawstring waist, there are other options when it comes to keeping your pants in place. The WonderWink WonderFLEX scrub pants have a zipper and snap closure in addition to an elastic back to bring an unique look to your scrub set. 

Meanwhile,these Dickies Xtreme stretch scrub pants have a stretch rib knit waistband and a drawstring. (It’s worth noting that knit waistbands are also common in maternity scrub pants like these Cherokee Workwear Professionals maternity pants.)

Some waistbands have contrasting colors to add a fun detail. These Dickies Dynamix scrubs have a multicolored band at the waist and pockets for a pop of color that isn’t too overwhelming. 

The height of the waistband is also something to consider. Scrub pants can be high-waisted, mid-rise, and low-rise. There’s no wrong choice here – it’s all about preference. 

If you prefer low-waisted scrub pants for women, Heartsoul has several low-rise options. Keswi scrub pants have a mid-rise waist for more coverage, but the interior drawstring is slightly below the hip for ideal comfort. 

Scrub Pant Leg Cut

Keswi scrub pants for women close up

You probably have an idea of the length you need for your scrub pants, but maybe you haven’t considered all the options as far as style. For a more traditional style, straight-leg scrub pants are a classic. Boot cut is also a popular option as well as flare-leg scrub pants. 

Tapered and cuffed pant legs have been around for a while, but they have gained more popularity in recent years thanks to their modern fit and the jogger fashion obsession. 

When looking at pant leg styles, think about what shoes you prefer wearing. Do you love your Dansko clogs or are you more into Skechers or tennis shoes at work? Clogs tend to have a thicker heel than sneakers, which can make your pant leg appear shorter than it is (not exactly the most flattering look with a boot cut).

Cuffed ankles are more forgiving in this scenario as it’s typical for the cuff to hit right above the ankle bone. Keswi’s Ventura jogger scrub pants have an extremely soft brushed cuff sitting right at your ankle so you can feel confident your pants look great with any footwear. Tapered leg joggers let you bring the athleisure trend to the hospital unit. 

If you prefer to not have any ankle (or compression socks) showing in your uniform, straight-leg scrub pants or boot cut are a great option. Many of these pants have ankle vents (like these Grey’s Anatomy pants), or the small slit on the outer side of the cuff. This helps your pant legs lay smoothly on your footwear without bunching. 

Just make sure you find the right length (aka inseam) for your height. If they’re too long, you risk stepping on the cuff or tripping down the hall. 

3. Pick Your Pocket Preferences

Keswi scrub pants pocket close up

You can’t talk about scrub pants without mentioning pockets. Every woman has their favorite purse and every nurse has their preferred pocket distribution. 

Some prefer multi-pocket cargo scrub pants to store everything, especially if they’re wearing a T-shirt instead of a scrub top to work. Some prefer a more minimalist approach with one or two well-appointed pant pockets if they have a trusty lab coat like this cute one from Barco One featuring two large pockets. Carhartt has two different styles for their drawstring cargo pants, both jogger and straight leg. 

Keswi’s Livia multi-pocket straight leg drawstring pants have six pockets, giving you options wherever you prefer storing your alcohol swabs or stethoscope. There are two angled front pockets, which makes getting at items much easier. The two back pockets are a French chop style to add some fashionable flair. Meanwhile, the two roomy cargo pockets (one on each pant leg) offer plenty of space, which means you only need to make one trip to the supply room at the beginning of your shift. 

4. Don’t Fall for One Size Fits All

Finding the right size is crucial when it comes to scrub pants for women. From the waist size to the length of the pant legs, you want to find the right size for you. According to the Cleveland Clinic, wearing clothing too tight around the waist can increase your risk of heartburn and goodness knows you don’t need another reason for heartburn working in healthcare!

Keswi scrub pants come in XS-3X, giving you a wide selection of sizing options. You can also pick regular or petite lengths to make sure your pant leg hits your ankle (or shoe) exactly where it should. 

Shop Scrub Pants for Women Today

Finding the perfect pair of scrub pants for women can seem daunting with so many things to consider. But once you realize the options mean you can basically tailor your pants to your size, style, and comfort, it becomes a less stressful task.

Make sure you find the best materials so your scrub pants stand the test of time (and your shift) and are also easy to care for. Select a waistband that keeps you comfortable and a silhouette that fits your style. From elastic waist cargo pants with a flare leg to drawstring tapered joggers, the best scrub pants for women combine fashion and functionality. 

No matter your preference, be sure to check out Keswi premium scrubs and grab a pair today.

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