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Scrub Tops: What To Look For When Shopping Online

Scrub tops: Keswi medical scrubs

Scrub tops are an essential part of your scrub set. But with so many options out there solid scrub tops, print scrub tops, princess cut, mock-wrap top, short sleeve, long sleeve, etc. shopping can feel more exhausting than a 12-hour shift. But don't worry, we're here to help. You can easily make your way through the selections if you know exactly what to look for when shopping.

Finding the right materials as well as the best neckline, shape, and number of pockets will ensure you find a scrub top that seems like it was made just for you. Whether you want to match your top with your new Cherokee Tooniforms scrub cap or prefer a more subdued vibe, this guide will help you uncover the best features when it comes to scrub tops.

What To Look for When Shopping for Scrub Tops

A lot goes into finding the perfect scrub top. Other than the obvious size and color, here are some important elements to consider when updating your medical scrubs wardrobe.

High-Quality Materials That Combine Comfort and Function

When looking for scrub tops, you can’t breeze past the fabric. It’s hard to know how a top will feel or wear when shopping online, but taking a peek at the fine print (aka the fabric tag) can give you a pretty good idea of what to expect. 

Cotton feels great and breathable, but it doesn’t hold its shape or wick moisture. (It’s why you don't want to work out in 100% cotton.) Plus, it’s a wrinkle magnet. Then there’s polyester, which is durable and resists wrinkles, but it’s not exactly known for its breathable, cozy factor. 

Rayon gives clothing a unique moisture-wicking ability. And if you’ve ever worked a 12-hour shift, you know how important staying dry is. Spandex is also great for adding stretch and flexibility when you’re running around the unit. It’s no wonder why so many scrub tops and jackets include cross flex or all-over stretch features.(Case in point: Dickies Xtreme stretch scrub jacket and Cherokee workwear's stretch warm up jacket.

Keswi scrubs are made from a special blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex. This means you get the durability and wrinkle-free benefits of polyester, but the breathability of rayon. And let’s not forget Keswi’s four-way stretch for extra comfort when maneuvering those tiny hospital rooms. What’s more, Keswi’s luxe micro-peached finish ups the cozy factor, making them perfect wear without any extra layers underneath. 


Necklines are usually one of the first things you notice on someone's shirt, and scrub tops are no exception. V-neck, rounded, henley, notch neck, snap front, or zippered are just some of the options available for both women and men. There are even combo necklines like this Barco One v-neck zippered top.

When shopping for scrub tops, you want a neckline that feels comfortable, looks flattering, and keeps it professional. If you’re still not sure what neckline would look best on you, Stitchfix has a great guide to help you find the perfect cut for your body shape. 


Scrub tops have come a long way from the surgical ceil blue unisex top made popular on the show "Grey’s Anatomy." Scrub tops today come in a variety of silhouettes compared to the smocks and frocks from the turn of the century.

For women, look for princess seams and darts that create a tailored, more feminine look without feeling constricting. For the guys, you want a fit that’s relaxed but not baggy, so you feel and look good. Opt for cuts that complement your look – either on their own or under a lab coat, jacket (like this one from Cherokee iflex), or a vest (try this Wonderwink zip front vest).


You can’t talk about scrubs without mentioning pockets. Scrub pants usually steal the pocket glory, but a great nursing scrub top has well-appointed pockets to keep your vital supplies close by. 

Think about what you typically like having on hand during a shift and then figure out how many pockets and pen slots you need to store all of those items. Sometimes you just need a large chest pocket, and sometimes you want several pockets to keep things organized. 

Picking Your Best Color and Size

You might not always be able to pick your scrub color due to dress code regulations, so look for scrubs in versatile, solid colors.

For instance, Keswi has five classic yet modern colors that likely fit your uniform requirements and personal style. Black, navy blue, and pewter are great calming colors for any season while wine and royal blue are perfect for those days when you want a little extra pop. Have fun mixing and matching your scrub tops with a jacket, lab coat, or vest, or layer them with a long-sleeve top like this Koi Lite seamless tee.

When it comes to scrub tops, sizing is key. If your scrub top is too large, it can quickly look like pajamas instead of work attire. If it’s too small, you’ll feel like you’re in four-point restraints all-day. Keswi women’s scrub tops come in sizes XS-3X and men’s tops come in S-3X. With a wide range of sizes, Keswi scrubs take the ill-fitting mystery out of traditional unisex scrub tops.

Women’s Scrub Tops

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to go shopping. Here are two must-have styles for women’s scrub tops.

Mira Faux-Wrap Top

Keswi scrub tops: Mira faux wrap

Mira faux-wrap scrub top has a slightly curved neckline as well as front and back princess seams. (Note: long seams giving a flattering shape to your scrub top.) The curved neck allows for a comfortable fit without being too revealing. You'll love the side vents that allow for a greater range of movement in this more fitted top. 

This mock-wrap scrub top has five pockets – four roomy front pockets and one left sleeve pocket. The sleeve pocket has a zippered closure so you can securely store your ID or keys. 

There’s also an ID badge loop on the right shoulder, which means you won’t stretch out your neckline by pulling on your retractable badge clip all day. Bonus: This little loop detail creates a great place to show off cute badge clips (like this adorable coffee mug clip from Betsey Johnson.)

Malibu V-Neck Top

Malibu V-neck scrub top

The women’s Malibu V-neck scrub top has a flattering fit with front and back darts for a timeless, tailored look. The neckline of the Malibu scrub top is slightly curved (rather than a perfect V-neck) to allow for ample coverage when bending across your patient to grab their call bell.

This four-pocket V-neck scrub top has adequate storage with two top-opening and two side-opening pockets. The right pocket also has a concealed mesh pocket, which is perfect for storing your phone or cash. 

There are also two divided pen slots on the sleeve, so you never have to worry about digging your pen out of a pocket to sign off a dressing or prescription. Plus, you can add another fashion detail by putting these cute Vera Bradley pens in there!

Men’s Scrub Tops

Hey guys, don’t worry. You’re not left out. With these Keswi scrub tops, you’ll have effortless style and unparalleled comfort. 

Ozark V-Neck Top

Ozark men's scrub tops with V-neck

The Ozark V-neck scrub top for men puts a relaxed fit on this classic scrub style. The slightly curved V-neck makes it easier to put on and provides all day comfort. 

There’s a large chest pocket and pen pockets on the left sleeve to keep your supplies organized and always within reach. The pen pockets have a divider between – one is slim for a pen and the other is larger to store your coveted whiteboard marker or penlight. 

You also have an ID badge loop on the right shoulder to securely hang your badge without it hanging from your neck and taking up precious pocket space.

Ajax Henley Top

Scrub tops: Keswi henley top for men

If you’re looking for a scrub top to set your medical uniform apart from the rest, you can’t go wrong with the Ajax henley top. The three snap-front buttons are a functional as well as fashionable detail (when you don’t want to deal with the whole shirt unbuttoning thing like this Carhartt scrub top). You can easily layer an underscrub shirt to further stylize this comfortable top. 

There are two zippered pockets, making the Ajax top perfect for secure storage without taking up the pockets of your scrub pants. The zippered chest pocket is large enough to hold more than a couple of alcohol swabs, while the zippered left sleeve pocket is great for keeping vending machine change ready for night shift cravings. 

There are also three utility pen loops and an ID badge loop on opposing sleeves to keep your supplies organized without weighing down your other pockets or stretching the neckline. 

Find Your Next Scrub Top Today

Shopping for scrub tops doesn’t have to be a chore. Rather than getting confused by the “best sellers” and “new arrivals” you see on most scrub sites, focus on the essential factors of what makes a great scrub top.

By choosing scrubs with high-quality materials, you know they’ll be durable, comfortable, and flexible in all the right ways. You also want to find a scrub top to match your style. Keswi scrubs have you covered thanks to functional materials, flattering yet comfortable silhouettes, and a variety of sizes and colors that strike a balance between traditional and modern. 

Once you have your scrub tops, it’s time to grab your next pair of scrub pants. (And maybe a pair of Skechers or clogs). If you happen to be shopping for your favorite nurse or healthcare hero, just grab a Keswi gift card and let them go to town.

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