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Stretchy Scrubs: Your Guide to Comfy Workwear

stretchy scrubs: woman sitting down in red Keswi scrubs

When shopping for comfort, one of the first questions is often, “Does the clothing stretch?” So why would finding comfortable scrubs to work in be any different? 

Unfortunately, many scrub brands continue to use cotton or other non-stretchy material to make their scrub sets. Finding scrubs with the perfect balance of stretch and support can seem like finding a diamond in the rough (or finding a vein in a dehydrated patient). 

Wearing scrubs with a little bit of flex to them means you have a garment as adaptable as you. Need to crawl under a bedside table? Stretchy scrubs help with that. Ate too much for lunch at the holiday potluck? Stretchy scrubs got you covered.  

To help you find the best stretchy scrubs that blend both form and function, we’ve put together this quick guide featuring some of our favorite scrub styles. We’ll also explore the benefits of having stretchy scrubs and explain how a little stretch goes a long way. But first, let’s review what gives material that coveted stretch in the first place. 

What Makes Material Stretchy?

stretchy scrubs: woman stretching in Keswi scrubs

Spandex is the stretch fabric responsible for adding that much-appreciated wiggle room in clothing. Spandex is often marketed under the name Lycra (think of Lyrca as the Kleenex of tissues). So if you see one label that says Spandex and another that says Lyrca, just know they’re the same thing!

The fibers used in spandex allow for enormous stretch and the ability to return to their original shape. That means your scrubs can move with your body rather than constricting it, which is a must for nurses. After all, the last thing you need is your scrub top keeping you from reaching up and canceling a call light or reaching an IV bag. 

Don’t Forget to Look Beyond the Stretch

While we love stretchy scrubs as much as you do, keep in mind that they shouldn’t be flimsy. In addition to spandex, it’s a good idea to shop for scrubs that feature other durable and functional materials. For example, polyester and rayon make a great blend with spandex to further bring structure, weight, moisture-wicking, and comfort. (You don’t want to end up like that person in yoga class whose yoga pants are stretched so thin they're nearly transparent!) 

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about see-through pants when you wear Keswi scrubs. These stretchy scrubs are made from a polyester, rayon, and spandex blend you can count on. The polyester provides durability so you feel confident your scrubs will keep you covered and last multiple washes. 

Sure, you could opt for cotton scrubs, but you won’t get much stretch (if any) and there’s also the matter of wrinkles and shrinkage. You want scrubs that are wrinkle-resistant and offer a soft finish. That way, as they stretch and move with you, they feel oh-so cozy too. 

Complement Your Style With Stretch

stretchy scrubs: woman in black Keswi scrubs

Aside from comfort, a major benefit of stretchy scrubs is the ability to wear form-fitting medical attire without being constricted. Back in the day, traditional scrubs were made of 100% cotton, which made them durable, but they also wrinkled easily, didn’t have much movement, and would also fade quite quickly. This often resulted in a baggy appearance under a lab coat or having to tuck in the extra fabric to maintain a professional look. 

Here’s a look at some of our most popular stretchy scrubs to create your next polished look. 

Stretchy Scrub Tops for Women

stretchy scrubs: woman wearing the Mira mock wrap scrub top from Keswi

Keswi’s Malibu V-neck scrub top combines traditional style with modem materials. With a slightly curved classic V-neck and four roomy pockets (with concealed cell phone pocket), this top is functional and comfy. Front and back darts with a tailored fit mean this top will always help you look more polished than wearing a unisex V-neck top. 

Mock wrap scrub tops are another way to level up your stretchy scrubs fashion without any extra fuss. The Mira faux-wrap scrub top has a slightly curved neckline along with side vents to add even more movement without adding the bulk of side panels often found in other brands like Cherokee or Koi. There are also four front pockets and one zippered shoulder pocket on this mock wrap top, so you never have to search for extra storage space. 

If you prefer to tuck in your top and struggle to find a scrub top that creates this casual look without compromising professionalism, Keswi’s V-neck tuck-in top was made just for you. There's one chest pocket and a convenient ID badge on the shoulder. 

Complete the Look With Women’s Stretchy Scrub Pants

person in red stretchy scrub pants from Keswi

Having a stretchy top is great, but having stretch in your pants is where the true benefits lie. Keswi scrub pants have just enough stretchiness to keep you moving comfortably all shift long. 

The Livia cargo scrub pants are sure to be the new straight-leg staple in your closet. The elastic waistband is accompanied by a hidden interior drawstring to bring even more stretch to these mid-rise cargo pants without compromising a secure fit. With nine pockets, you may forget how you ever survived a shift without this much storage. 

If you’ve fallen in love with joggers like everyone else, you already know how important a little stretch is when it comes to this athleisure obsession. Keswi’s Ventura joggers have a flattering fit and tapered look that’s finished with a brushed cuff ankle. These jogger pants stretch with you whether you’re bending down to tie your patient’s shoe or finally get a chance to sit down and chart. 

With two roomy front pockets and two jeans-style back pockets on these drawstring scrub pants, your style is complemented rather than complicated for all your storage needs. 

Stretchy Scrubs for Guys

man in black scrubs from Keswi

Not that you need us to tell you, but stretchy scrubs aren’t just for women. Men also value the benefits of stretchy medical scrubs, especially when it comes to today’s more fitted styles. 

Keswi’s Ajax Henley scrub top and Ozark V-neck scrub top both have a relaxed fit with side vents for extra movement. Front snaps on the henley top allow for custom comfort and the slight curve of the V-neck means you’ll never get stuck getting in or out of your scrub top again. 

When it comes to our men’s scrub pants, every pair has an elasticated waist with a drawstring for a personalized and secure fit. Our tailored slim-fit Bristol jogger scrub pants have six pockets and three utility loops to keep your most-used devices and accessories close by. 

If you need even more storage, Keswi’s Glasgow cargo scrubs have nine pockets, including cargo pockets, a cell phone pocket, pen pocket, and utility loop. These pants also have a mock fly front and back knee details to create a customized look. 

Size Still Matters With Stretchy Scrubs

Even if your scrub set is made from stretchy fabrics, finding the right size is still a must. The goal of stretchy scrubs is to have a tailored look with comfy movement, so make sure you opt for a work uniform that enhances your body shape and preference.

Keswi women’s scrubs come in regular and plus sizes XS-3X with the women’s scrub pants available in regular or petite lengths. Men’s scrubs come in S-3X sizes.

In addition to the right size, you also have to decide if you want prints or solid colors for your scrub tops. When your garment stretches, the material shifts slightly to accommodate the stretch. As such, print scrub tops can become distorted, however briefly, when you’re moving around. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear a printed top made from stretchy material – just be aware that too much of a good thing can stretch out the print.

Solid scrubs are a good option and Keswi offers five easy-to-mix and match colors – black, pewter, navy blue, royal blue, and wine. They’re also fade-resistant and withstand whatever stretchy maneuvers you need to make during your shift. 

Pick Out Your Next Pair of Stretchy Scrubs

Pardon the pun, but it’s no stretch of the imagination that nurses like you need plenty of stretch scrubs. Being hindered by tight clothing that doesn’t give with the push and pull of a 12-hour shift only leads to discomfort and frustration in the name of fashion.

That said, don’t just look for scrubs that are made of stretchy material. Opt for workwear that has a blend of fabrics that are built to last. You want something that’s durable, wrinkle-resistant, moisture-wicking, and comfortable. You also want to pay attention to the shape of your scrub set. For example, it should fit well yet provide enough room so you can move around without bulking under your scrub jacket or lab coat. Whether you’re shopping for classic V-necks or modern joggers, stretch is a must to create a fitted yet functional medical uniform look.

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