Our Story

Our Story

The Beginnings

If there’s one silver lining to the COVID pandemic, it’s that we all came to appreciate just how essential essential workers really are. In particular, we’re talking about the resilient healthcare workers who braved exhausting schedules to risk their own health and safety for the greater good –– you know who you are.


In fact, we were so inspired by your heroic efforts, we created KESWI just for you: a new line of healthcare garments designed for functionality, style, and above all else, comfort. How did we achieve this?


With our luxurious, micro-peached finish fabric that is anti-wrinkle, fade-resistant, and moisture-wicking. In other words, these are garments that will still radiate “fresh” even after 2 years of washing. To top it off, we decided to spoil you with our accommodating 4-Way Stretch, which makes every move more comfortable than the last. And last but not least, KESWI scrubs come in a variety of soothing, eye-pleasing colors to suit every type of vibe and personality –– because let’s face it, your energy is uniquely your own. 

Top quality scrubs is the least we can do

Dare we say KESWI scrubs aren’t just work attire, but happy hour attire too. After all, when you’re a modern day superhero, you might as well flaunt it. People are watching, and the healthcare workers of tomorrow are inspired by the pros they look up to today. The creativity and detail we put into our on-trend silhouettes means that no matter your body type, when you wear KESWI you will look –– and especially feel –– celebrated.

This Won’t Hurt a Bit.

We’re so sure you’ll love your new scrubs, we’ll ship them for free – and pay the return shipping if they aren’t all you hoped.

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