About Us

Born out of the COVID'19 Pandemic, KESWI scrubs are set out to highlight the unique sense of style and individuality for each and every person in the medical field.

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The Beginnings

In 2020, our founders came together after discovering something scrubs were lacking for healthcare workers: a brand that matches their personality and lifestyle. A brand of scrubs that speaks to how cool healthcare workers can be outside of work too.

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The healthcare workers of tomorrow are inspired by the pros they look up to today. We want to showcase the fun, relentless, and 'weathered-it-all' healthcare workers who have inspired us all. Other scrub companies just aren't doing that.


Comfy Scrubs Guaranteed.

We're convinced you'll love KESWI scrubs so much so that we offer FREE Shipping 🚚 to get our clothing to you. If for any reason, your not satisfied with our items, we guarantee FREE Returns 📦 at no extra cost to you.

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