2020 gave you a new title: Essential Worker. When thrust into the spotlight, you did what heroes always do: maintained focus and carried on. Mere mortals watched in awe. We think it’s time to give back – with the most comfortable scrubs ever.


Comfort starts with great design. To us, this is more than skin deep “look how cute.” It’s a perfect, flattering fit. It’s placing seams to enhance shape without rubbing you wrong. Ultimately, it’s about the confidence looking good inspires – in you and everyone around you.


We went at this with surgical precision. Created a 4-way stretch fabric that bends, reaches and all-out sprints like it’s a walk in the park. Micro-sanded it to feel broken in without looking broken down. Your scrubs will still look new after 2 years of “Wear. Wash. Repeat.”

Our Goal

A uniform for life. To wear when you’re working – and even when you’re not. Go for an after-work nosh. Stop at the grocery store. Or just flop down on the couch – change when you go to bed. If you’re comfortable enough to do that, our mission’s accomplished. Be sure to let us know.

This Won’t Hurt a Bit.

We’re so sure you’ll love your new scrubs, we’ll ship them for free – and pay the return shipping if they aren’t all you hoped.