The Reason We Made This

You can have the trendiest scrub style, but if you can’t breathe, move, or easily care for the product, what good is it? When you’re a nurse or healthcare worker, you’re always on the move, and that means you need scrubs that move with you. You also count on your scrubs to protect you from bodily fluids, so quality fabric can’t be overlooked. 

Keswi scrubs are made from a polyester, rayon, and spandex blend. Polyester provides the durability to survive high-heat washing and drying after a long day of who-knows-what getting on your scrubs. Polyester is also anti-wrinkle, so if you’re a “grab 'em out of the dryer and put ‘em on” type of person, you won’t have to choose between ironing your scrubs or having enough time to grab coffee before work.

Our scrubs also contain rayon which gives you the benefits of breathable, moisture-wicking comfort. Keswi’s four-way stretch has just enough spandex to allow for extra wiggle room, which comes in handy during busy med passes or dressing changes.

These scrubs are the perfect weight, allowing for breathable scrubs that still have a durable coziness for every season. They also have the softest micro-peached finish, which means you never have to trade comfort for fashion.